My Brand New Canon XSi!

I’ve always loved photography. I bought my first digital camera for myself after my first summer  of research in undergrad. Whenever I went camping, hiking, skiing, to a friend’s house, or on a vacation I always had my small point-and-shoot camera on me. I hardly went anywhere without it. That puppy lasted with me throughout the rest of college and my first year of graduate school. But on a sad, sad day my trusty little camera died. (Actually, it was a glorious day: I was at the Grand Tetons with Weez and his family on a ferry crossing a gorgeous lake to take more pictures.) Anyways, I knew I was going to invest in a new camera, but this time, I decided to step it up a (big) notch.

After months of talking to camera gurus, reading camera reviews, and testing them out at camera stores, I decided on the Canon EOS Rebel XSi. As a graduate student, I make mad bank next to nothing, so it also took me all those months to save enough to buy it. But on a wonderful October morning, I became the proud owner of my very own Canon DSLR!

Since, I’ve gone to a couple photography workshops and they have been so helpful!

Last week, I went to the Boulder Creek Path with two of my friends to play around with my new toy, and here are some of my favorite shots.

Not bad at close ups for a standard lens!

My friend playing with leaves.

Pausing to enjoy the creek.

I can’t wait for a clear, starry night to go out with my tripod and camera. I’ll post more pictures as my photography skills progress :)

Well tomorrow morning I’m planning on going for a short 30 minute run with Weez. (Only 11 more days till the Northern Central Trail Half Marathon!) Maybe we’ll run by the same creek where I took those pictures. I love running in Boulder. With all the trails, I never have to run through neighborhoods or on sidewalks. I love it.


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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    I love the E-blog.

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