Weez’s Big Exam

Weez has his grad school oral exam tomorrow. You usually go through orals at the end of your second year or the beginning of your third. He’s in his third year. It’s this big scary thing where you get all dressed up and present your research to 3 members of a committee who then drill you on anything/everything chemistry related. After two or three hours, they send you out of the room and deliberate on whether they think you’re worthy of continuing on the path towards getting a PhD in chemistry. The oral exam is just one of the many challenges you must succeed in order to obtain a PhD.

I’m terrified out of my MIND for when I have to go through orals (which will be in the spring of 2010), but I’m not at all worried about Weez. He is such a genius. Not only does he do cool chemistry, but he knows his stuff and he’s a confident, competent chemist. He and I work in the same research lab and he’s helped me through many-a-problem: whether it’s a synthesis question or helping me handle a chemical spill from a solvent flask that I (accidentally) blew up.

My research lab is full of great people, really. I’m pretty darn lucky to be working with such a solid group of people. Despite how crowded our hoods can be, we have fun :)

We don’t actually have four people working in one hood (safety hazard!!), but the lab was really crowded one day and we took this picture as a joke. I’m the one in white.

So think of Weez tomorrow and send good vibes his way! When he passes (which he totally will), we’re taking him out to the bars to celebrate. Yay! Good luck tomorrow, B! You’ll do great!

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