Thanksgiving Break


For Thanksgiving 2009, I went to my sister’s place in Baltimore. I had an amazing time. Here are a few of the things I am so thankful for:

I’m thankful for how much my family loves/respects/appreciates each other. The moment we saw my brother walk out the train station doors on Wednesday, my sister and mom ran to him to give him hugs. I love those moments. It’s almost slow motion. I’m glad I had my camera on me.

I’m thankful for technology. Everyone got to video chat with Greg (my sister’s hubby, who’s in Iraq) at least once last week. Liv gets to chat with him on the phone practically every day. How amazing is that?! Because he has internet over there, he was able to send the most gorgeous Thanksgiving flower arrangement. They were a constant reminder that he was with us :o) Oh, and that boat is a name place setting. We make them out of walnut halves and toothpicks every year.

I’m thankful for food. I know there are people who aren’t as lucky as I am, who go to bed hungry. But I’m honestly so lucky to have enjoyed a free-range, organic turkey with fresh cranberry sauce and home cooked stuffing. Mmm. I ate so much. I justify it as “carbo loading” for the half marathon I ran on Saturday.

I’m thankful that my knee held out so I could run the half marathon! It was cold in the morning so it was hard to stretch out my IT band and it started to bother me 5 minutes in. But hell, I was with my siblings, we had perfect weather (45 degrees, blue skies, light breeze), we were running on a trail. The miles flew by! It was an out-and-back course. We literally were running over the rivers and through the woods. The trail used to be a single track railroad pass but the tracks were removed years ago, so the course was flat, soft, and gorgeous. Will is kind of hiding behind Liv in this picture. And you can see my dad biking behind us. He biked almost 20 miles on Saturday, chasing after us to try and see us as much as possible. It was awesome to see my dad and mom along the course as often as we did.

Will stopped around 12 and I continued on until mile 15 before letting my sister take off on her own to finish the 26.2. Liv and I crossed the 13.1 at 2:06. Not bad for a gimp knee and setting the pace for Liv to finish a full marathon! I was seriously so happy, it felt so great to be running… What’s with my crazy jazz hands?

As soon as I stopped running, my knee pretty much felt like death but oh well. Nothin’ some physical therapy, advil, and ice can’t fix. Liv rocked the rest of her marathon. She looked great the whole time and finished strong. My family is so awesome. We run (half) marathons together. Woop woop!

And lastly, I’m thankful for my mom. She’s the best support crew anyone could ever ask for. She’s always there for me (during races and in life). She’s the most loving, happy, supportive, encouraging, wonderful person. I love her so much. My mom turned 58 on Sunday. Happy Birthday, Mom!

It was sad leaving the fam on Sunday morning, but it’s okay! I’ll be back home in three short weeks! I just have to survive… 1 presentation, a 10-page paper, and two exams. Gulp. The presentation is tomorrow, the 10-pager is due on Friday, and I have an exam on Saturday morning.

Bring it.

I hope you all had great Thanksgivings!


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  1. Aunt Linda says:

    Erin, I love this site you have created! It is great to see Rand, Pat & you “kids”. It looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend for the whole family. Everyone looks fantastic, happy, & healthy!
    Thanks so much for sharing, miss you!!
    Love you!
    Hugs & Kisses!
    Aunt Linda

    1. e410 says:

      Thanks Aunt Linda! We had such a blast together :) Pictures from the Christmas Tree trip looks like you guys had fun! Miss you and love you too!

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