I Can Flip Turn Now!


I’ve been doing my swimming thing for three weeks now and I can say I’m in the swing of things. I’m really proud of me! Gettin’ up at the crack of dawn (well, before the crack actually) and hoppin’ in the pool. I didn’t swim this morning because my arms are a wee bit sore (yesssssssss, I love being sore) but I swam on Monday and Tuesday for 40 minutes each time. Yesterday, I made two major improvements:

1. I swam for 10 laps straight without stopping at the wall! I finally have my breathing down right and I’m confident in the water. I would swim 10 laps, pause to readjust my goggles, then push off again. I wasn’t struggling to breath at all, really! This is HUGE for me. Yay :) The continuous swimming might explain why I’m more sore today that in the past…

2. I taught myself how to do flip turns! After a solid 40 minute swim, I decided it was time to teach myself to flip turn, opposed to the wall touch method I’d been doing previously. You should have seen me trying though… hilarious. You know when you’re little and playing in the pool, you’d flip around with your friends underwater and it was fun? Well this was nothing like that. I was facing the same wall in my lane, flipping and spinning and flapping around like a fish outta water, for 5 or 10 minutes trying to figure it all out. I’d get half way through the flip, and then get water up my nose and spasm. Other times, I’d be half way through the flip, and my legs would straighten out too soon and my body would spiral around and I’d be facing the wrong direction. The lifeguard was seriously laughing at me. But I finally (sorta) got it! I’m excited to try it out again tomorrow morning.

I went over to my friend’s house for a girls night/dinner party last night and had such a blast. The meal was so tasty, too. The host made us this amazing braised tenderloin with seared mushrooms, stewed tomatoes and onions over tortellini. Accompanied by homemade squash soup and a pear, goat cheese, and walnut salad. Holy cow, this girl’s got skillz.

Gorgeous. We should have dinner parties more often :)


P.S. 2 more days until Weez and I start road tripping back to Chicago and Ohio for Christmas break! Can’t wait!

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  1. sameer agarwal says:

    10 laps is awesome. Flip turn is marvellous. I have been swimming for more than a week now and I cannot convince myself to go for the third lap. And I have told myself that for the time being I dont need flip turn.

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