Runners High


After the Northern Central Trail Half Marathon in the end of November, I decided to stick solely to swimming to allow my knee to heal. I had been struggling with IT band problems and I think I needed to cut running out for a while. But I missed running like woah. It defines who I am. It’s what I do. So this morning I woke up, dusted off my running shoes, and went for a 4 mile run with my brother.

We ran 4 miles through a trail near our parents house in 31 minutes (7:45 pace)! We were happily chatting the entire time. It felt so good to turn my legs over, to feel the pavement under my shoes, to listen to my own breathing. Snow flakes were gently falling on us as we ran through the woods. It was the perfect first run back.

The bad news: I could feel my IT band flare up a bit by the end of the run.

The good news: It doesn’t even hurt a fraction of what it used to. Maybe IT band “tendonitis” is just something I’ll have to live with my whole life? One month completely off from running and it still lingers? I wish I knew how to make it go away. But ya know, it could be so much worse, I’m pretty lucky.

I’m just excited I got a good run in! I think I’m still hopped up on the runner’s high :)

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  1. Daryl Nauman says:

    Hey, Good luck with your IT band. I had (have) some IT band issues along with other things that were a little off around the knee. Physio helped a bit, foam roller, ibuprofen!

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