Snowy 10 Miler


The Cleveland Marathon is 13 weeks out, so this weekend’s long run was a 10-miler. I’m following a modified version of Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Schedule (Novice 1). I followed his Intermediate 1 training schedule when I trained for the Boulder Backroads marathon last September – which I loved (especially the 2 20 milers he instructed) – but with the IT band problem I had post-marathon, I decided to opt for a lighter-mileage training schedule with lots of rest and cross training days. And it’s worked out great for me! Everyone’s bodies are different and adapt differently to training plans so its good to find a regiment that works for you.

Weez and I hit the road at 7am on Sunday and ran towards my fav trail: Marshall Mesa. It’s such a gorgeous place to run, with gentle winding and generally flat trails. Except on that particular morning, it had snowed about 3-4″ the night before. A little bit of snow wasn’t going to stop us! In fact, it just made the run that much more beautiful. And quiet. I love how quiet things get when there’s snow on the ground.

After 5 miles, we stopped to eat a Gu (mmm, chocolate) and drink some water. It was pretty chilly out so my water turned to slush and the Gus were quasi-frozen. I literally had to chew mine. It was kind of funny.

If you think I look cold in this picture, you are absolutely correct because I totally was. But by mile 7, the wind died down and I warmed up a lot. The last 3 miles were very enjoyable, and we even passed a pack of middle aged runners, who happily shouted “Good morning!” as we passed each other. I love how friendly runners are :) I’ve never passed a runner who didn’t return a smile, wave, or even a weak grumble of a “hello”. Runners are generally just happy to be out there, and that’s one of the things that I love most about the sport.

Good run indeed. I can’t wait to step up the mileage again, but next weekend is my “back down” week, so I’ll be going 8. Today is my rest day, and tomorrow will probably be a nice and easy 5 miler. Is anyone else planning on running a marathon this spring? The Cleveland, perhaps??

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  1. I think I’ll run a spring marathon. Heck, I think I’ll run Cleveland!

    Hey, for those frozen GUs, put them in the palm of your hand inside your glove and your body heat will warm that up. My coach advised that to me before I ran those races in Mississippi and Alabama and it worked like a charm. You’ll get used to it in a heartbeat. If you’re carrying more than two, just grab one from wherever you’re storing it after you use one and stick it in your glove. That’s kind of a ramble, but if you have questions, let me know!

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