Sweet mother of the chemistry Gods, I did it! I passed 4 cumulative exams! I can check off #16 on my list! Yayyyyyy!

Here in grad school, we have to take cumulative exams on the first Saturday of every month and we have to pass 6 before failing 11. I’ll be straight with you: they suck. They’re really hard and they stress me out. When I created my list last fall, I hadn’t passed a single one yet. I had only failed cumes. 4 in a row, in fact. I wanted to make my goal to at least pass 4 before the summer (and my 24th bday) rolls around (no cumes june-aug).

I passed my first cume last November, it was a polymer chemistry cume and I got the highest score. I can’t even tell you how good it felt to have finally passed a cume. Then, I passed the next month’s cume. And the next, and the next. 4 passes in a row!

It’s ironic to me that I failed 4 in a row, felt awful and discouraged, then all the sudden something clicked and I passed 4 in a row. Perhaps one is meant to struggle in order to appreciate success? I dunno, man, failing is no fun, but I’m stoked that I have 4 in the bag!

Now, I just (“just” ha, like it’s that easy..) need to pass 2 more and I’ll be DONE with cumes forever. Bring it on, grad school, you ain’t stoppin’ me :)

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