Reduced to a hobble


It’s Thursday. I haven’t gone running once since Sunday’s 20 miler. The culprit? My dang ITB. Don’t I have a marathon to run in 2.5 weeks? Oh that’s right I do… crap.

So the whole marathon training thing has been going really, really well. Until Sunday when my knee freaked out and I was reduced to a hobble for the rest of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday… the good news? I can walk without limping today!

On Tuesday morning, I may or may not have had an emotional breakdown in front of the chemistry building while on the phone with my mom. After that phone call, I went to the health center and made an appointment for physical therapy. I’m going twice a week, now through the marathon. I’ve noticed a drastic difference in just the 2 visits I’ve gone to so far (hey, I’m not hobbling anymore!), so I’m really hopeful that this ITB flare up with go away.

My plan is to take this entire week off running (I’m afraid it’ll hurt if I try running yet) and maybe start next week, but I’ll be going to PT, foam-rolling, stretching, and icing like it’s my job now until May 16th.

I went to the rec center yesterday and was hoping to aqua jog for 30 minutes, but the pool was too busy. Instead, I hopped on the elliptical for 15 minutes, then did a little lightweight leg/hip/calf stuff, followed by a good 15 minutes of stretching. I miss lifting weights. I should get back into that after this marathon.

Have any of you run through ITB problems? I don’t want to fall out of shape over the next few days/weeks… What did you do to stay in ‘running’ shape?

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  1. Tara says:

    Oh man that sucks! I’m going to be sending you healthy vibes over the next week girl!

    I’ve never had ITB issues, but I foam roll like crazy. My friend was having issues w/ her ITB and I suggested the roller and it seemed to help her.

    Keep us posted!

  2. daysrun says:

    I’ve been there too! I got to where I couldn’t even run a block. Lost my stride completely. I did inner and outer leg lifts to work some of the muscles around the ITB. The mental part is the hardest. Just remember what you have accomplished so far and try to get in your remaining long run. Then coast into your taper.

    If it comes down to it, they make leg braces specifically for supporting the ITB. Wore two of them to get through my first marathon.

  3. Ally says:

    I was (am) the ITB issues QUEEN! Three weeks before my first marathon I had to take a week off because I messed the damn thing up so bad. Because I’m stubborn and could have made it better but insisted on running through it. I’m an idiot. Don’t be me.

    Ice that bad boy like it’s your job. Stretch while watching TV or reading/doing homework, whatever. Stretch for long periods of time. I biked and did weights while not running because having stronger legs/butt/hips will take a lot of the pressure off your ITB. And I also used a knee strap just above my knee to take the pressure off when I ran. I know they sell ITB straps, but for me, those never provided enough support and often got too loose. I just bought a size bigger in the knee strap and used that–worked great.

    Just take it easy, stretch and ice. You won’t lose your endurance, promise! You’ll feel much better come race day if you take care of you.

    Again, don’t be me!

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