Straight (Cortisone) Shot to the Knee!


I got a cortisone shot in my knee last night (to combat my horrifically painful ITB) and ya know what? It didn’t hurt at all. For real, I didn’t even feel the needle pierce my skin. How awesome is that?

So I’ve heard that cortisone shots hurt, because, well, they’re injecting a substantial amount of fluid into your body/under your skin and the needle is gigantic larger than your typical needle. I’m sure the doctor could tell from my awkwardly cold, sweaty handshake that I was pretty nervous when he introduced himself and shook my hand.

We chitchatted for a few minutes about how much I love running, why I’m running Cleveland, and Operation Jack. I cut to the chase and told him that I’d heard the word on the street is that cortisone shots hurt. He asked me what street I’ve been on. I laughed uncomfortably, because cleaaaaarly he was just trying to make me feel better. I glanced over at the needle. It was huge. I use needles that large in lab. And the syringe? Filled with what looked like 5mL (you’re injecting all of THAT?!) of a thick opaque grease-like substance.

He numbed the outside of my knee. He grabbed the needle. I turned the other way. I dug my nails into my hand (to distract myself from the imminent pain). Not 5 painless seconds later, I could feel the doctor rubbing the outside of my knee. I glanced down. The needle was sitting, empty, next to him on the table. “Wait? You’re done?”

“Yup. All set. Don’t run for 48 hours, but after that, you should be good to go!”

I asked him how long the treatment lasts. It could range from having no positive effect, to a full recovery/cure from the problem.

He shook my awkward clammy hand again, I thanked him profusely for meeting with me on such short notice, and I walked out of there like nothing happened. I’m still shocked at how painless and quick everything when down.

I can’t wait to try running on Sunday! Fingers crossed for a painless run!

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  1. LauraJ says:

    Great! I think you are just really tough, and that’s why it didn’t hurt.

  2. I had a similar experience quite a few years back. You’re right…the needles are very big and very intimidating. I’m not afraid of needles whatsoever, but that thing made me break a sweat for sure. I really hope this helps your knee!!

  3. Good luck in Cleveland! So far the weekend look’s great, sunny 70’s!

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