MVP: Update 3


M.V.P.: Man Versus Pavement, Update 3
Once a week, I want to write a little update on my (amazing, inspiring, hardcore) dad, who’s currently riding his bicycle across America.

Last update (which was more than a week ago, I’m sorry!), my dad was in Salida, CO and I was anxiously looking forward to seeing him (and my mom :)) in Pueblo, CO. Since then he’s biked more than 900 miles (including 3 days of over 100 miles/day), checked off 3 more states, and today (Day 33) he’s riding into Illinois!

Man Versus Pavement, Days 0-33
Meeting my parents in Pueblo, CO

My brother joined my dad for 8 of the days of riding, from Pueblo, CO through Kansas and into Missouri. During that time, they passed through Midway USA as well as the groups’ actual half-way point of the America By Bicycle journey. After working hard to pass over the Rockies, it sounds like Kansas’ flat countryside was much appreciated.

To date, they’ve cycled 2,398 miles and now, they’ve only got 1,449 to go! Way to go Dad! :)

You can read his story, from his blog Man Versus Pavement

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