25 before 25

23 was a fantastic year. I feel like I say this every year, but really, it could quite possibly have been my favorite year yet. I did pretty good on my List of 24 Before 24. Some things I have yet to do (put an honest effort at learning how to ski moguls, mail a PostSecret, swim for an hour straight) but I put a huge dent in the list and I’m proud to say I love how I lived my 23rd year.

Today is my 24th birthday, and along with my traditional artichokes and mashed potatoes dinner (when I was young, my parents would always make us whatever we wanted on our birthdays. Every year since I can remember, I’ve asked for artichokes :)), comes another list! I’m excited to present my list of 25 before 25:

  1. Go to a University of CO home sporting event. Go all out, paint my face.
  2. Find a photobooth and take goofy pictures
  3. Make 12 lists
  4. Drink a Nalgene of water everyday for 1 month
  5. Run The Boston Marathon (life happens)
  6. Teach Weez how to drive my car (stick shift)
  7. Become an official PhD candidate
  8. Ride my road bike to Ft. Collins and back
  9. Adopt a puppy
  10. Read 5 books
  11. Learn how to bake French Bread from scratch
  12. Run Magnolia (from Running with the Buffalos)
  13. Hike Boulder’s 3 tallest peaks in one day (Green to Bear to South Boulder)
  14. Buy an entire new outfit for $20
  15. Pack a lunch, bring a book and my camera, and ride the buses around the city one afternoon
  16. *Secret one to be revealed at a later date*
  17. Take an advanced photography workshop or shadow a professional photographer
  18. Run across the Golden Gate Bridge
  19. Publish in a scientific journal
  20. Compete in a triathlon
  21. *Secret two to be revealed at a later date*
  22. Dance in the rain under the stars
  23. Go on a multi-day backpacking trip
  24. Open an IRA
  25. Road trip to see one of my favorite bands play live in concert

It’s going to be a great year!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Ally says:

    Girl, how did I not know it was your birthday?? What a bad friend I am! Happy birthday, love! 24 was a great year for me, I suspect it will be for you too!

    I’m totally game to go to a CO sporting event with you–face painted and all! You know I was thisclose to attending CO? I sometimes regret that desicion….

    And, I think you should totally adopt a puppy! Both my dogs are pound puppies (literally, they were on doggie death row!) and they are the best dogs. Love them.

    Also, I’m very curious about these secret goals… hmm…

    Happy birthday, Erin, you’re amazing and I hope this year is full of friendship, joy and love.

  2. Maggie says:

    If you’re not too busy running the GG bridge for #18, I’ll tell you some awesome places to go hit up in SF. There’s a few places a shutterbug like you would have fun! And foods!

  3. melon says:

    Do the IRA now!

  4. Sam says:

    San Francisco Marathon runs across the bridge and it’s a great race. Just sayin’ …

    Weak on the secrets. Just come out and say ’em.

    Have a great birthday!

  5. Tara says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was awesome!

    You’ve got one heck of a list going there. I want to compete in a tri too. That’s my goal for next year!

  6. Hickstein says:

    Adopt a puppy!!! Hidden at #9!

    Let me know when you’re doing the three peaks. That sounds like fun!

  7. iampotassium says:

    If you want to do the goofy photobooth pix, there is a photobooth at the mall. We had tons of fun being ridiculous there…

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