My First Ride to Ft. Collins!

I love my bike

The day after hiking the Boulder Trifecta, I did something I’ve always wanted to do: ride my road bike from Boulder to Ft. Collins (~50 miles). I didn’t go at this alone, I was joined by my sister’s father in law. Liv’s in-laws live up in Ft. Collins and they are just the nicest, most welcoming folks ever. Rick rode his bike down from Ft. Collins to Boulder earlier that morning, we met up for lunch downtown (along with his wife and daughter!), and then we rode up to Ft. Collins together.

I can’t tell you how neat of an experience it was! Funny story, though: Grasshoppers? Yeah, apparently they love chillin’ out on the country roads. Fortunately they’d hop out of the way as my wheels came rolling their direction; however, one didn’t cut right fast enough and the wind caught it mid-jump and it flew INTO MY MOUTH. I’m serious. How does that even happen?! So hilarious/awkward/gross. I spit it out immediately but couldn’t stop laughing about it for the rest of the ride.

We rode 51 miles in about 3:13, averaging just shy of 16 mph. This was 2nd longest ride, to date, and it felt really good! After the ride, Rick taught me a few more bike maintainance tips and showed me how to change a rear flat (thanks Greg, for showing me how to change a front flat!).

I started riding 2 months ago, but I’m slowly starting to feel like a real cyclist! I love my bike and I love living in a place that makes cycling so much fun :)

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  1. Sam F. says:

    Your bike looks a lot better than your swimsuit.

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