Doctor’s orders


I haven’t really mentioned anything about my runners knee lately. I’m having so much fun cycling and swimming. But the truth is, I started doing all those things because I can’t run (definition of “I can’t run”: 5 minutes into a run, knee pain is so extreme running turns into limping and pain is an 8 out of 10). I’m pushin’ 4 months here of post-marathon “I’ll just cross train, in hopes of curing my inflamed ITB” and I still can’t run. I’m maybe starting to think it’s not just an slightly inflamed ITB.

So I decided to go back to the physical therapist. He suggested I talk to a sports medicine doctor. The sports med doc suggested that I get an MRI. He says it’ll serve as a roadmap to clue us in to what treatment option we should try next (’cause lord knows ice, foam rolling, time off, ibuprofen, cross training, and physical therapy isn’t doing much). That’s all fine and dandy except for the fact that MRIs cost approximately a gazzilion dollars (post insurance) and does he not realize I’m a poor graduate student?!


He think’s it’ll be worth it (and this doc is legit, so I chose to believe him), so I’m going to pay the moolah to lay in a magnet and get really claustrophobic. When/if we get results, I’ll surely share what I find out.

Aaaaaaaaanyways, have a great weekend folks! Any fun plans? Good luck to Sam who’ll be running pretty much nonstop for the next 2 days! I’m planning on camping up near James Peak with Weez… Should be fun! See you on Monday!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. sarah says:

    boooooo. i really wanna see you at boston!!! praying for good news!

  2. Will says:

    Too bad we can’t just stick your knee in an NMR ;)

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