Are you ready to hear about possibly the least impressive feat, ever? (seriously, it’s embarrassing how trivial this is) (yet, I’m totally pumped about it)

I drank 32 oz. of water (or more) every single day, for one entire month! This is huge for me, seeing as I’m probably the world’s worst hydrator. I rarely drink an entire Nalgene of water over the course of a few days, much less in one day. Because of those terrible water guzzlin’ skillz, I decided to make #4 of my 25 Goals to drink an entire Nalg (32oz.) of water everyday, for one month.

And now, Operation DMW (Drink More Water) is complete. But I’ll probably try and keep up with this new habit. After all, it’s good for me, right?

Things I’ve Learned in the past 30 days: I’m oddly more thirsty during the day now, than I was a month ago. Day headaches are a thing of the past (win!). Drinking water fills me up, causing me to eat less (win!).

So today, I’ll celebrate such an achievement by drinking even more water. Cheers to that! First rounds on me!

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  1. melon says:

    Headaches are a common sign of dehydration…. I’m glad you suffer from neither of those now!

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