Fun times with long exposures

I signed up for a creative digital photography class a few weeks ago, and we’ve met twice now. I’m learning a lot about the history of cameras and photography as well as ISO, aperture, shutter speeds, how to find the ‘right’ composition for varying types of shots. It’s a really neat class.

Last week, I experimented with overly sunny day-time shots. Last night, I grabbed my tripod and drove out to a park to experiment with long exposure night shots.

After trying to take a few pictures of the moon and stars – which proved very difficult (something I’ll continue to work on) – we started messing around with flashlights and colored lasers.

…Needless to say, we had a lot of fun :)

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  1. Stone says:

    I love this! so much fun to be able to manipulate light.

  2. Sam F. says:

    That’s pretty rad on that second shot. I remember doing those long-exposure night shots in my photo class in high school. Of course, we used this “film” stuff and then we’d go in the darkroom and work with stinky chemicals to process it. That was back in 1991, when you were probably about 5.

  3. Ally says:

    How fun!! My mom was a professional photographer, did you know that? I, on the other hand am photo-challenged!

  4. goSonja says:

    I love these!! Love love love these! Amazing!

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