#16 (!!!)


YOU GUYS. I’m just bursting at the seams. Number 16 and one of my *secrets to be revealed at a later date*’s from my List came true. I’m so happy…

Family means a whole heck of a lot to me. My family is the coolest of them all and as far as I see it, the more of us, the better. I’m the youngest of 3 and my older sister got married 5 years ago to a great guy, who I’m proud as hell to call my brother.
Liv and Greg spent a lot of time apart in their first few years of marriage being in the military and all, but they’re finally settling down living happily-ever-after in Texas (which is still much too far from Colorado, if ya ask me).
Well, I have some great news… my sister is pregnant!!! They/we’ve known for a while, but they just found out the sex! It’s a BOY! And the lil’ guy is due in March!

My sister is gonna be a MOM! My parents are going to be grandparents! And I’m gonna have a lil’ nephew! Ahhhhh, I just cannot wait.

These two are going to be incredible parents and there’s no doubt the child will be a bloody genius. Not to mention, gorgeous. (For Pete’s sake, Liv and Greg both have engineering degrees, not to mention a masters degree, a law degree underway, and an MBA on deck. Geeebus.)

Congrats again, big sis and bro-in-law! I love you guys and I can’t wait to meet the lil’ guy in a few short months!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Teamarcia says:

    congrats on 16! Super exciting for sure!

  2. Maggie Reep says:

    Congratulations to your sis and bro-in-law!!! That’s such exciting news! I remember when I became an Auntie :) There’s nothing like it!

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