Race Recap: 2010 Turkey Day 5k


I wanted to write a small “run recap” of this year’s Turkey Day 5k because it was really fun, and I’m feeling really positive about my recovery from the knee injury.

The Anthem Turkey Day folks did a great job putting on this event. My family and I arrived about an hour early to pick up our bibs and we had no problems parking or waiting in any lines. We had plenty of time before the start to goof off and walk around the mini expo they had, picking up free goodies.
Before we knew it, it was time to head to the starting line.
To my surprise, there were a ton of people! The announcer said there were some 1,400 runners this year! The 5k course was basically up and around a really nice subdivision, which meant flat, wide roads – perfect for a quick course and plenty of elbow room.

My brother, Weez, and I decided to stick together (we’re on the left, I’m the one in black tights and a brown long sleeve) and run a quick but comfortable pace. I was nervous my knee was going to flare up but it didn’t hurt at all! We passed the 1 mile mark around 7:45 and felt great, so we decided to pick it up.
Despite 22 minutes being the longest run I’ve done since May, everything felt great. My lungs, my knees. Life was good! We cruised along, enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains to our west.
Mmm Colorado, how I love thee.

Before I knew it we rounded the curve to the finish line and the three of us came across the line in 23:30 (7:29 pace).

I was pleasantly surprised with the time, considering we were running for fun and I’m only just coming back from a 5 month hiatus from running :) Cheers to that!
I was worried that maybe my knee was going to ache or hurt the rest of the day or next few days, but it didn’t! For the rest of the day, I was beaming with confidence in my recovery and that maybe, just maybe, I might still have a shot at toeing Boston‘s starting line in April.

So so so very thankful.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Kirstie says:

    Congrats on a great run first time back to it. Way to go! Great pics too!

  2. Maggie Reep says:

    Congrats on a great run!!! Glad your knee is feeling better!!

  3. the dawn says:

    wow that’s so awesome!!!! and crazy fast! what a relief to have such a great, fast run with no pain. i can’t begin to imagine how thrilled you must be. great job!

  4. nicole says:

    YAY the road to recovery is amazing… especially when your far enough away from the injury that you feel confident! woot!

  5. Ally says:

    Yay! You’ll totally be in Boston this spring–don’t worry chica!

  6. Tara says:

    Awwww, I’m so happy for you! I am sure it felt amazing to go out and just run without any pain. I hope to hell I am there soon!!!
    Congrats on your race!
    I was reading through some of your posts and noticed that you went to Shrek the musical. We went to see it last Wednesday night. It was awesome!!! Love that show.

  7. This absolutely the best news! So glad you’re back! Great run.

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