Zensah Knee Sleeve Product Review

A few weeks ago, I was in contact with a rep from Zensah regarding trying out and reviewing one of their products. I’ve only heard good things about Zensah‘s performance apparel, so I had high expectations when they said they’d send me a recovery knee sleeve to test out. I was skeptical that the sleeve wouldn’t do much on the recovery front, especially because I’ve been having knee problems. To clarify it’s purpose: the knee sleeve is meant to provide comfort and warmth to the knee and is intended for recovery (not as a brace or stability aid).

When I first opened the package with the sleeve, I immediately noticed how great the material feels. It isn’t itchy or rough, it’s really nice, soft, and thin.
I’m about 125lbs and got the size S/M sleeve. It’s the perfect length and fully and comfortably covers my knee.
The material is great because it’s the right amount of stretchy but isn’t too tight so I have full flexibility when I bend my knee. It also doesn’t cut off the circulation to the back of my knee/leg when I bend it, which is fantastic because I feel like I can wear the sleeve whenever and however long I’d like.
One thing I’ve noticed even though I wear the smallest size (S/M), is that the sleeve starts to slip down just a tad on the top part (around my quad) after walking around for a while. I have relatively skinny legs so that may just be an issue for skinny runner legs like mine. The bottom “cuff” (the part around my calf) is the right amount of tight, so fortunately the sleeve never slips very far.

Since the knee sleeve is meant to be worn for recovery (not during running), I love wearing mine to sleep and right after runs. I was really surprised the first few times I wore the sleeve, because any of the daily aches I used to have in my runner’s knee started to go away. You guys know that I’ve been struggling with patellofemoral problems and I honestly think this sleeve is helping. I don’t go a night without wearing it now, I just love it.

The cherry on top is that this product is super affordable ($19.99). The quality of the material and comfort it provides is easily worth more than that. I’m thoroughly impressed and if you have achy knee problems like me, maybe you could benefit from the sleeve too? I totally recommend you check it out! For only $20, why not right?

Thanks again to Zensah who allowed me to try out their recovery knee sleeve and proved to me that they’ve got a solid reputation for a reason!

Disclaimer: Zensah sent me this product, free of charge. I am not a medical doctor and these opinions are strictly my own from personal experience with the product. Zensah recommends the product primarily for recovery purposes.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. rand says:

    Erin, send me the info- I think I’ll try one for my left knee.

  2. the dawn says:

    i love zensah products. i have their compression socks and armwarmers, and i asked for a sports bra for christmas. yay zensah!!!

  3. Nicole says:

    I love love love zensah!!! :)

  4. melon says:

    Your legs look so skinny…I bet all your muscles went to your shoulders/delts. You better be RIPPED when I see you in 13 hours!! (Ahhh scary since you’ll be driving all of those :( )

  5. Would be nice if they were available at local sporting goods stores

  6. Paul Vandyken says:

    Hey Erin,
    Thank you for this handful review on Zensah Knee Sleeve. I have used it as the reference to complete this guide on choosing knee sleeves on my blog.
    Again, thank you for this informative review!

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