Running Wild with Chris McDougall, Scott Jurek, and Anton Krupicka

Last weekend was chalked fun of fun stuff and I want to tell you about the Running Wild panel/presentation I went to!

Chris McDougall, Scott Jurek, and Anton Krupicka gave a really fun talk about distance running, how they got into it, why they love it, and had a Q&A at the end. Let me tell you one thing: these guys are SO funny. They were all so down to earth and humble and hilarious.

Anton, aka “Tony” is the most humble, approachable dude you’ll ever meet. Though his entire running life story is completely badass, he was so down to earth. He casually mentioned how he ran his first marathon when we was 12… in 3:50. And how the longest run he had ever done before um, you know, winning the Leadville 100 was 50-some miles, just 3 weeks prior. He showed us pictures and made us laugh. Then, in between panel speakers while everyone was chatting and walking around, I had a chance to introduce myself and get a picture with him.

2-time Leadville 100 champ, Tony Krupicka!

Oops, his eyes were somewhat closed. This is why you must check the picture before walking away. Doh!

Then Scott Jurek (7-time Western States champ, 2-time Badwater champ) and Chris McDougall (author of Best Seller Born to Run) got up and shared pictures and ridiculous stories from their trip to Copper Canyon where they ran among the Tarahumara tribe. I was in awe. These guys have lived the most wild lives.

Scott Jurek and Chris McDougall
Scott Jurek!

During their Q&A, I mustered up the confidence to ask a question. I asked the guys about injury prevention. I asked them how they manage to stay injury free? How can their bodies handle ultramarathons?! What’s their secret?” Tony took the floor and answered…

Then my friend Will asked why barefoot running (or at least minimalist running) is so good for us, and how it helps. We’ve all heard the hype, so it was cool to hear it from professional, wildly successful ultra runners.

Another huge perk to the whole evening was that the organization that hosted the evening had TONS of free swag to raffle off. There were probably at least 200 people in the room but I managed to come away with so much free stuff! I won a gigantic box of GU gel, another huge box of Cliff Shots, and a massive tub of GU electrolyte brew. I’ll be properly hydrated/fed during my long runs for YEARS.

If I could relive that night of my life again, I totally would. I had a blast, those guys are awesome. Their love for simply just running – getting out into the mountains, running without reserve, just for the sake of the experience – inspired me. Their philosophies about running resonated. It’s runners like them that inspire me to get out and tear up the trails.

And did I mention, Tony LIVES in Boulder?! Um, so cool. I heart where I live.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Morgan says:

    I seriously think you had the best weekend ever! Congrats again on the engagement and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous you got to attend the Running Wild panel! Thanks for sharing the deets, video’s and snap shots!

  2. Dude. Show off. It’s like Morgan said, you totally had the BEST WEEKEND EVER. You know my feelings on Leadville–but, I just want to do marathon or half. None of that 100 mile nonsense.

    Speaking of races in CO…. how do you feel about Pike’s Peak (half for me!)? Registration opens in like two weeks! I’m really, really, REALLY seriously considering it.

  3. Congrats on the engagement lady!! SO exciting!!

  4. Mallory says:

    That’s so awesome! Sounds like an amazing night!

  5. MissZippy1 says:

    What fun! And what studs they all are.

    Congrats on your engagement…I missed that post! What a big year ahead of you!!

  6. Shutupandrun says:

    Really great stuff, so sorry I missed it. Sounds like you got tons of good info, inspiration and free stuff!!! I love free stuff.

  7. nicole says:

    :) i still cant stop smiling about your engagmenet!!!

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