500m ain’t no cake walk…


I’ve gotten two solid brick workouts in this week, and I’m pretty jazzed about them. On Tuesday, I biked 15 hard miles then hopped off my bike, changed into running shoes, and ran a quick 5k. This morning, I ran 2 miles to the rec center, swam 650yrds, then ran the 2 miles back home.
 The swim went alright for not having swam in 2.5 months. Although, I did have a slight panicked moment where I felt like I wouldn’t be able to swim 500m nonstop on Sunday. I just don’t want to stop, is all. I remembered how hard it is to find my rhythm when it comes to breathing, but I was able to settle into a comfortable freestyle stroke relatively quickly. To all you swimmers out there, I know, I know, 500m isn’t much of anything compared to all the miles you put in in the pool, but it’s still tough for a nonswimmer like me :)

It’s funny, every time I talk to a swimmer or tri friend about the upcoming sprint tri, the conversation is always ends the same:
Me: “I’m excited, but a little nervous about the swim portion. I haven’t gone swimming since the end of March…”
Tri buddy: “So how long is the swim portion?”
Me: “500meters… so about 550 yards!”
Tri buddy: “Oh, psh, that’s nothing. You’ll be fiiiiiiiine.”

You see, the thing is about us nonswimmers, is that 500m of nonstop swimming, in open water, in a tight wetsuit, with the high probability of being kicked in the face, goggles filling with water, inhaling water, and not being able to see where the you’re even going is super intimidating. Not to mention all the sensory overload, cold water, and brand new experience.

I feel like telling a nonswimmer that 500m is a cake walk is like telling a nonrunner that running for 1.5 miles is a cake walk. Do you remember the first time you started running? Could you go 1.5 miles straight without stopping? Maybe you were able to, but imagine your friend who’s trying to lose weight or a coworker who’s never run before. Then throw them in a super crowded road race with people bumping into them and and ask them to wear full spandex. It ain’t a pretty sight.

Speaking of spandex… what’s with wetsuits anyhow? Let’s be real, no one looks attractive in those things. I mean, I dig my body shape and I’ve got positive self-esteem, but I’m still going to be feeling all sorts of awkward when I put that badboy on.

And by awkward, I mean, totally sweet.

Oh joy…

I can’t wait :P

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  1. Jessica says:

    You are a beast. And by beast, I mean my idol.

    I totally see where you’re coming from on the swimming thing, and on running being new to someone. When I started c25k, i thought running 10 straight minutes was impossible but now I run an easy 2 miles every other day. It doesn’t start easy but you’ll kick ASS swimming, I just know it. :D

  2. rand says:

    Not even two months since your surgery and doing a tri! Wow, You know I believe in comebacks but this sets a new standard!

  3. Nicole says:

    swimming is rough! i’m so impressed with you and your tri so soon after surgery! ROCKSTAR!

  4. krystal says:

    Thanks for the post! I am doing my first sprint triathlon mid sept. I just started training for it 5 says ago. I too am a non swimmer and am working on my breathing technique. Swimming is the one thing I am most worried about as well and for all the reasons you mentioned too. You gave me an idea of what to be prepared for!

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