“Race Goals” for the Greeley Sprint Tri

My “race goals” need to be in quotes because 1. I’m in not shape to for-realzies race a triathlon right now and 2. my goals for Sunday are very vague. That being said… onto the goals!

Goal 1: swim strong, bike hard, run fast. 
Though I’m not nearly in proper shape, I’m excited to be even toeing the line of my very first triathlon at this point in my life. 7 weeks post surgery and I’m diving into open water (well, running, rather… it’s a beach start) to do something I’ve never tried before, qualifies as something I’m proud of.
That being said, the self-competitive person in me stills wants to give it my all… so I plan on swimming, biking, and running as hard as I can right now (bonus points if I puke at the end) and zipping through the transitions with as much efficiency as possible. No dilly dallying at T1 and T2.

Goal 2. Minimize panic while in the water.
I’ve heard horror stories, I’ve seen videos, I’ve read blogs. Everyone says they panic a bit during the swim. I know this will be nothing like swimming in a clear pool, with individual lanes and a well-marked line to follow. I don’t even know how to sight properly. Therefore, I’m mentally preparing for chaos and I just want to keep my cool while in the water.

Goal 3. Don’t wipe out while mounting/dismounting my bike.
I know I’m a rookie, but I just don’t want to show it while I’m out there (…although it would be pretty hilarious)

Goal 4. SMILE and have fun 
I’m usually smiling 95% of any road race I run, so this tri shouldn’t be any different. I want to take the sport seriously, but I don’t want to take myself too seriously. If that makes any sense.

Goal 5. Finish in under 1:25 (500m swim; 10 mile bike; 5k run)
< 12 mins for the swim; < 40 mins for the bike; <25 for the run; < 4 mins/transition. This is a lofty goal for me because I am a slow swimmer, never transitioned a tri before, and have little idea of how fast I can bike consistently. I debated even posting this time. But I am putting it out there because I like a good challenge and this number will be in the back of my head on Sunday.

So there ya have it folks. My first sprint tri’s race goals :) I’m nervous but also super excited! My brother and I are going up tomorrow to pick up our race packets/bib numbers. Then race day is on Sunday!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    You are going to kill it! Those are great goals, definitely try to have fun :D

  2. Beth says:

    Good luck! I love the multiple-goal approach!

  3. Nicole says:

    wahooo! good lucck!!! :)

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