Race Recap: 2011 Tough Mudder


A couple weekends ago, 11 brave friends and I participated in the most rad of endurance events: Tough Mudder Colorado. This bad boy was a 9.5 mile obstacle course, that took place on Beaver Creek. 25 obstacles. 8100 ft base elevation. 11440 ft summit elevation. 4250 ft of elevation change. AKA: a beast. But we rocked it in our cut off plaids and short jorts like we weren’t scurred of nuthin’.
The race was sponsored by Dos Equis and this sweet inflatable sign pretty much summed it all up for us: “If you have to sign a release form, it’s probably worth doing.” By the way, directly after crossing the finish line? We were handed ice cold pints of Dos Equis. Ballin’.

The race was all about team work because few of those obstacles were feasible by oneself. So we mostly stuck together, or broke off into smaller groups to make it through.

The course started with a bang of orange smoke and just like that, we were charging down the braveheart challenge, over barrels of hay, steep declines, and slippery muddy slopes to a beast of an obstacle: the Berlin Walls.
Team work was critical because I surely couldn’t hoist myself over those 12ft walls alone. As soon as I fell lowered myself down from the wall, I looked up to realize we had yet another wall to climb. Great, two of these monsters. 11 teammates later, and we were off to start running up up up and to the next obstacle: Boa Constrictor.
Tubes partially submerged in murky mud water? No prob. We came prepared with goggles.

Scrambled over/on top of/across a low set cargo net, then under a field of barbed wire… few emerged without some blood on their knees and hands.
Off to the swamp stomp where things definitely got sloppy. I was glad I tied my shoes extra tight.
Then to considerably the hardest obstacle of the entire event: underwater tunnels. This of course, wasn’t attempted until after they made us wade through chest deep, 36 degree bitter cold water. My heart was freaking out. My legs were numb. No one got through without a few shrieks of panic.
They were providing space blankets as we emerged from the water because it was that cold. We couldn’t wait to get back to moving… and thank goodness for the next obstacle, it got the blood pumpin’ again: Hold Your Wood. That log was not light.
Run run run, up up up, and we found ourselves at the Chernobyl Jacuzzi. A nasty green, ice bath that we had to push our way through and crawl our way out of. My skin remained green the rest of the race. We looked ill.
At least the mud had worn off temporarily by this point, because we found ourselves crawling across and struggling under 2 sets cargo nets. All while hiking up up up. Team work and team cheers ensued.
Army crawling through dark tunnels. Slipping over ice mounds. Laughing our way through another mud mile. Navigating under/over a series of logs. Scrapes, team hollers, team work. We were having a blast.
Running through and over massive hay barrels. It was slippery-er than I thought they’d be! I fell a lot. I laughed the entire time. It was a riot. I was having the time of my life!

More cargo nets – this time, we had to roll across them, since they were suspended horizontally with quite the large dip in the middle. Then another 3 Berlin Walls. Oof! Team work! Team work! My arms were pretty much jello by this point.

Then we ran through this open field, while being assaulted by fire hoses. It was freezing cold. I was getting hit on both sides by a wall of water. Team work was necessary here because there was protection in packs. The poor lone rangers got hit the hardest. More laughing and team hootin’ and hollerin’.

Obstacle 21 and 22, every grown up kids’ dream: sliding down muddy hills into muddy waters, then a huge slip-n-slide! Too much fun to handle. I had a perma-smile by this point. (sliding on my stomach, harm-free. ha! take that surgery!)
After running uphill all day, now we got to reap the benefits of our hard work as we sped downhill for what felt like an eternity (which was tricky with soggy, mud-filled shoes!).

Funky Monkey: a looooooong set of monkey bars (some greased with butter!), held highhighhigh over muddy water. Gloves were a must because bear hands were too slippery. By the force of God I managed not to fall in. I was mad focused, yo.

Everest: I had to take a running start to shimmy up and over this quarter-pipe. Again, thank goodness for teammates who helped catch me and pull me over, so I didn’t slide back down.

The final obstacle into the finish line: The Electroshock! EEKKK! We sprinted through a field of live hanging wires, some of which had 10,000 volts! One word: OUCH. I definitely did not make it through without screaming like a school child. That stuff STUNG, but yet, was so hilarious and everyone was laughing. Everyone felt like BAMFs. Everyone was glad they ran through it. No one escaped without substantial shockage.

We crossed that finish line, enjoyed our hard earned Dos Equis, and laid out in the sun to dry our cold muddy bodies. Accomplished doesn’t even describe how cool it felt to finish the Tough Mudder.

With team work, blood, sweat, and a lot of mud we managed to dominate those 25 obstacles and 9.5 miles in just over 2.5 hours. Just on par with how long the race organizers said it’d take everyone.

Would I do the Tough Mudder again? Heck YAH I would. Who’s with me next year??

8 Comments Add yours

  1. the dawn says:

    i’m pretty sure that my heart rate just shot up thinking about all those obstacles. i’m terrified and i wasn’t even there. but you did a great job describing it all and an awesome job surviving it :)

  2. mallory says:

    That sounds like SO much fun!!!! I want to do it!!!

  3. Lisa says:

    Wow, you definitely have achieved BAMF status for sure!

  4. Maggie says:

    That is the best mud run I’ve ever heard of!!! Super intense…I love it!!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That looks like so much fun! We have a “warrior dash” that is coming to Oklahoma next month that I am dying to do and now I REALLY can’t wait!

  6. cisforcourtney says:

    ah! sounds like soooo miuch fun! love the pictures!

  7. Shanon says:

    yikes! underwater tunnels! what does that even mean!?!? sounds pretty crazy. i am glad you all made it out alive. and those lives wires are just insane. i think finishing this makes you officially tough!

  8. Jessica T says:

    You are a badass. That is all. ;)

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