List twelve: reasons I love running

1. It’s the way Weez and I first bonded
2. Swimsuit season
3. For my lungs
4. So I can live longer
5. Good way to explore a new city
6. So I can see places I wouldn’t usually go
7. Makes hiking 14ers easier
8. Makes my legs look gooooood
9. Makes being part of a 200 mile relay possible
10. The running/blogging community rocks
11. Cool running shoes
12. Cool magazines
13. I’m more productive after a morning run
14. To maintain a healthy weight (I’m addicted to fruit snacks)
15. Because the trails in Colorado are incredible
16. I get to run with my best friend/fiance
17. Marathons
18. For my mental health
19. It’s the way Weez proposed
20. Because dressing up in costume for road races is fun
21. Sweating makes me feel good
22. Because it makes me feel strong, even after a tough run
23. The pride

Tell me why YOU run? :)

12 lists… complete!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. mallory says:

    LOVE your list!! I definitely run for most of those reasons as well but also to feel like I’ve accomplished something. It’s a pretty sweet feeling saying “I just ran an easy 7.”

  2. Carmelo says:

    You forgot the most important reason: bragging rights!!

  3. nicole says:

    the runners high and how happy it makes me!

  4. Michelle Dodds says:

    1. It helps me reach my “happy place”
    2. sweating
    3. hills
    4. the pain
    5. I get to rock out to embarrasing, guilty pleasure “pop” music lol …shhh don’t tell
    6. dope shoes
    7. knee highs and running skirts..need I say more?
    8. to maintain my weight
    9. my therapy against anti depressants
    10. I <3 to run in my pink tu-tu
    11. I give my bff a reason to make my tu-tus for me :-)
    12. I can't explain it…'s a feeling that nobody can take away from me!
    13. Distance

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