26 before 26

Today I turn a quarter of a century! I’m 25!
I loved being 24. I’m proud of everything I accomplished on my 25 before 25.

While 24, I experienced some of the highest of highs in my life, but also a couple pretty rough lows. While 24, I got engaged to my best friend, published my first scientific paper, became an aunt, completed a triathlon, hiked mountains, and ran so many miles. Also while 24, I had emergency surgery which stopped me from running the Boston marathon, I cried with Weez after the loss of a loved one, and I struggled through a 7 month knee injury.

I’m proud of how I handled the lows, and thankful for all the incredible highs. I’m surrounded by amazing family and friends. And I’m so thankful for it all.

With a new birthday, brings a new list! Every year is a gift and I won’t stop chasing after new goals, pushing and motivating myself emotionally and physically to be the best Erin I can be. Without further ado, my new list of 26 things I want to do before turning 26!

  1. Say I Do
  2. Adopt a puppy (FINALLY!)
  3. Run a trail race
  4. Sip sangria in Spain
  5. Try 8 new recipes in 1 month
  6. Begin scrap-booking a favorite recipe cookbook (with photographs I’ve taken)
  7. Proof read Weez’s PhD dissertation
  8. Make a 5 year plan
  9. Run on a white sand beach
  10. Hike another 14er
  11. Read all of Jane Austin. Decide which one is my favorite. (I’m sorry Jane Austin fans, but I just couldn’t do it. I tried so hard, for so many weeks to get through P&P but just couldn’t. Ugh. J.A.’s writing is just not my cup of tea)
  12. Run a sub 21 5k (there. I made a hard-fast goal for myself.) (I’m slightly terrified)
  13. Give it another Tri
  14. Thoroughly embarrass my best friend at her bachelorette party
  15. Convince my parents to move to Colorado (I will beg every year until they finally move here)
  16. Go on a mini weekend getaway and stay at a B&B
  17. Learn to worry less. A lot less. (I’ve made huge progress towards this goal this year)
  18. Go to a Red Wings Hockey game (timing didn’t work out, so bummed)
  19. Publish another scientific paper
  20. Do something wild, spontaneous, and totally outside my comfort zone
  21. Volunteer. Somewhere meaningful.
  22. Successfully cross a slackline
  23. Participate in a photography challenge
  24. Run at least 6 <marathon-distance races (I need to spice up my post-college racing career) 6 5 4 3 2 1
  25. Present research at a scientific conference
  26. Run a marathon with Weez
Cheers to being 25! 

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Happy happy birthday my friend!!!

  2. Morgan says:

    Happy Birthday chica! Love your lists that ensure you make the most out of your year! Cheers to 25 being even more phenomenal than 24, and I’ll clue you in on a little secret: It will be. Once upon a time when I was about 18 my “much older” (like 26 OMG!) roommate told me 25 would be an amazing year where I’d finally realize just exactly who I was, what I wanted, and become 100% comfortable in my own skin… and she was right. I look back at 25 as one of my most favorite years of my life! Enjoy every moment!!!

  3. Tara says:

    Happy Birthday Erin, sounds like you have a great year ahead of you!

    Good grief 26? I feel so old…… :)

  4. Tara says:

    Hah! I just realized you were turning 25 not 26, now I feel super old! Have a good one!

  5. Maggie says:

    Happy birthday!!!!! 24 sure sounds like a great year!!! And I have to say, very similar to me…I just turned 25 and experienced some of the same things you did (except publishing a science papter ;) ). What an awesome list for 26 things before 26 years! I look forward to reading about the ones you check off! Have a fabulous 25th year!!!!!!

  6. mallory says:

    Happy birthday!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day today! I love all the goals you have outlined for yourself!!!

  7. Will says:

    13. Go for the Harvest Moon tri?

  8. nicole says:

    Red wings hockey game?? Count me IN!!! :) how fun would that be!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  9. rand says:

    Wow, this means I’ve been young a long time. Glad we could spend your Birthday together!

  10. Happy Birthday! I love your list. You’re going to have a great year!

  11. Such an amazing list! It all sounds like LOADS of fun too! —I think I need to upgrade from monthly lists to yearly ones like this one!

    Happy Birthday girly! :D

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