19 miles and a wonderful bday/wedding-planning weekend

I feel like in 30 years from now, I’ll look back at this period of my life and just wonder how the heck I did it. Wedding planning and traveling every weekend and and preparing for conferences and working and training for a marathon. I guess I want to toot my own horn for a hot minute and say I’m really proud of everything I’m trying to balance on my plate right now. Well, then again, half of you blogger buddies out there are working parents with multiple kids, AND marathon training, so really, I’m not half as busy as you are. You guys inspire me.

I took a red eye on Wed PM/Thurs AM to spend the weekend at home in Ohio finalizing a lot of wedding stuff. I got to celebrate my birthday with my parents this year :) We also met with the cake lady (mmm, samples), the florist, the venue, the planner, theĀ musician, and we practiced my wedding day makeup and hair. We all curled up on the couches last night and even watched Father of the Bride together :) We all totally lost it a few times. Talk about a reality check/tear jerker/hilarious movie.

Being home is always wonderful, and spending quality cuddle time with our lil’ one is so precious to me. Even though I was gone for a few months, she recognized me right away and couldn’t love on me any faster. Addie is just the best dog. Man I love her!

This morning, with the company of my wonderful parents while they cycled alongside me, I was able to get my 19 mile run in the books! It felt so great, my legs and especially my lungs felt strong (thank you sea level), and having the company of my mom and dad really rocked. 19 miles haven’t flown by so fast in my life!

Thanks for taking this picture, dad!

Tonight, I’m off to fly back to Colorado. What a fun weekend it’s been! Thanks for everything mom and dad! Love you!

How’s your weekend been? Go for a long run? Tell me about your weekend!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. nicole says:

    I love that your balancing everything right now! your amazing and will look back and be happy you did it!

  2. mallory says:

    Sounds like a great weekend!!! I was going to go for a long run but I chickened out because of the rain on Sunday. Boo.

  3. Jessica T says:

    Ah! Westie puppy! :D

    Glad to hear you rocked your nineteen miles!

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