Hola from Barcelona!


We’ve been in beautiful Barcelona for 3 days now and its amazing. We’ve been relaxing and soaking it all in, but enjoying it our way… via running!

On Thursday, we ran a “Tour de Barcelona”! From our hostel at the very southern end of Las Ramblas (right near the Mediterranean), we ran northwestern to Camp Nou (the Barcelona futball stadium), east to Parc Guell, south to Sagrada Familia, and then all the way home down the entire Las Ramblas.

We estimate we ran just under 15 miles with all the side trips and whatnot. It was incredible and my legs are SORE!

Don’t worry, I brought my camera along in my little iFitness belt… so I’ve got lot of pictures to share!

We still have two more nights/1 day to spent here in Barcelona and I can’t wait to explore more. Tomorrow, we plan to run up to Montjuic, the park where the 1992 Olympics were held. Its up in this “big” hill, but I think we’re up for it :)

Thinking of you all from Spain! Xoxo,

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Marcia says:

    Fantastic! I love Barcelona but was not yet a runner when I was there. Enjoy!

  2. cisforcourtney says:

    That sounds like a fantastic run! I can’t wait to see these pictures! Hope you guys made it in okay despite the delays!

  3. gosonja says:

    I can’t read your blog right now, I’m too jealous!!!! Enjoy!!

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