Spain Trip! (Part 3 of 3: Running tour de Barca)

Instead of taking public transportation around the city of Barcelona, Weez and I decided to do it the way any one of you probably would too: running! We ran 2 different days, so we coined them our two “Tour de Barcelona” ‘s. With a map tucked in my sports bar, and a camera and a few euros in our iFitness belt, we enjoyed the city by foot!

Tour #1: Camp Nou, to Parc Guell, to Sagrada Familia, to Las Ramblas (15 miles)
This day straight up rocked. We felt so empowered, running down side streets, getting lost, laughing at our torn map, running off the beaten path in the non-touristy parts of town, unable to communicate with any of the locals.

Camp Nou is the stadium for the Futbol Club Barcelona. It seats almost 100,000 people (!!!) and is just awe-some. After running there, we spent the extra euro to enjoy the “Camp Nou Experience” where we got to walk inside the stadium, the museum, in the locker rooms, the press rooms, and up to the grass on the field.
From there, we ran for almost an hour, trying to find a place to eat. It was 33*C out by this point, crazy humid, and we kept getting lost, so we were getting, um, edgy. Handling each other in moments like those are further validation of my endless love for Weez and how perfect we are for each other. Anyways, finally we found food and it was like heaven.

After the much needed lunch, off we ran, back to the streets making our way to Parc Guell!
To me, Parc Guell was like something out of Alice in Wonderland. Tons of mismatched patterns and colors and arches and architecture. Unique. Coloful. Cool.
The views from the top of the park were breath taking. You could see the entire city, with tall buildings popping up here and there, spread across a sea of densely packed buildings. Sagrada Familia (our next stop) in the distance…
Have you ever seen that one season of America’s Next Top model where they have the final runway show in Parc Guell? Yeah, we were there!
From Parc Guell, we chugged a bottle of water, and ran to the most impressive man made structure I’ve ever seen in my life… Sagrada Familia:
Under construction for a hundred years, this beast of a church blew my mind. Ornate, fine details carved into the spires.
Standing at the base of this monstrosity, I had to strain my neck just to look all the way up. I mean, this church is huge. And the story behind the designer and architect, Antoni Gaudi, is equally as mystifying.

From here, we took the long way home, enjoying the sites and sounds of Las Ramblas, making sure to stop to drink a liter of water along the way. It was HOT!

Tour #2: Estadi Olimpic to Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya to Castillo de Montuic (6 miles)
The 1992 Olympics were held in Barcelona and the stadium certainly is holding up well. The stadium is up on this steep hill that we ran up. By the time we got to the top, we were sweatin’ up a storm.
Behind the stadium, are these huge tower stacks. We wanted to get a jump shot, and here’s our only successful self-timer shot (only took 8 tries)…
From there, we grabbed a bottle of water (seriously SO hot there), a quick snack on the stadium steps, and ran our way to the Art Museum of Catalunya.
After enjoying the people watching outside the museum, we started the long, slow run up to our final stop of the day – the place we were MOST looking forward to visiting… A CASTLE! A real life castle!
It was SO cool. Probably my favorite part of the entire time in Barcelona. We kept saying “OMG we’re in a castle!” because they actually let you in and walk around it!
I could have spent all day on the top of that thing. I was on a CASTLE. From the top we had a 360 view of the city and the Mediterranean Sea. I wondered what it was like in that castle, 200 years ago… history amazes me.

Running Barcelona was the coolest thing we could have done, and I’m so glad we did it. We got to see SO much and felt great doing it!

And thus ends our wonderful-trip-to-Spain recap. When I wake up in the middle of night, still jet lagged, I close my eyes and can almost taste the Mediterranean Sea, feel the warm Barcelona breeze, and imagine being on that castle again.

I had the time of my life.

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    WOW what a FUN FUN FUN adventure! you got to see tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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