New shoes, name change, and nerdy cupcakes

How is it Friday already? I swear to you, these weeks are just FLYING by. The leaves are changing and falling and, man, it’s awesome out here. This tree is just outside our door. This is tots my fav color of leaves during the fall.
The pup (Cabo) has kept us busy and we’re trying to keep running a lot :) I love running. It’s how we start our mornings out here, and missing a day or two of running, puts me in a funk. I’m lucky that I have a full time running buddy and great trails to hit up every day.

I finally got new shoes. They were long over due. Probably a few hundred miles, long over due. Oops. But they’re wonderful (Brooks Defyance)… running in new shoes is like running on fluffy, pillow clouds.

  Sunday: slooooow 10 mile run to work the long distance junk outta my legs
  Monday: 4 miles, casual pace, incorporated a few hills
  Tuesday: 6 miles; track workout! 1.5 mile warm up,  6×800 (3:30s), 1.5 cool down. I’ll admit, it had been a while since we’ve done a track workout. So it was a little tough.
  Wednesday: recovery day. slept in. went to ochem lecture. (i love sitting in on ochem classes)
  Thursday:  4 mile recovery run
  Friday: ~6 miles; fartlek! We used to do tempos and fartleks at least once a week in HS and college training days, so it’s nice to feel the pain again. Today’s fartlek went as follows: 10 minute warmup, 4 min on (2 off), 3 on (1.5 off), 2 on (1 off), 1 on (30 secs off), repeat the set, 10 min cooldown. During the “on”, we picked up the pace to a hard effort. During the “offs”, we jogged to recover.

In other news, I’ve officially changed my name. And I have the emotional damage (haha, jk) of 3 hrs at the DMV to prove it. And 1.5 hours at Social Security. And 1.5 hours spent at various banks. But hey, it’s done and I’m thrilled about it :) I love my new last name, but my maidien name is sticking with me (it’s my new middle name now. booya).

Sunday is Mole Day (10/23), so we chemists like to devour cupcakes with nerdy Periodic Table elements written on them in frosting. Mole Day celebrates Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 10^23), which is a basic measuring unit in chem. Hence, Oct 23 (10/23) is the day we call Mole Day. Nerd lesson for the day, done! The best part of the Period Table? I can spell my name out: Erbium, Iodine, Nitrogen… (I’m so awesome).

Have a fantastic weekend, folks! Get outside and go for a run/bike ride/walk/anything. See ya on Monday!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. misszippy1 says:

    Pretty sure the most painful place on earth is the DMV! Love those cupcakes. Have a great weekend!

  2. Maggie says:

    I swear by Brooks running shoes! I’ve been running in the last few version of the Ghost…love ’em!
    Congrats on the name change!!! I’m kind of dreading the 6 hours of everything you went through, but it’ll be worth it! haha!
    Yay for cupcakes! Mmm, yummy :)

  3. mallory says:

    Oh I remember the whole name changing process all too well. It’s a pain but feels good when it’s all done!!! Glad your new shoes are working out well! That’s awesome! And for the cupcakes… I won’t judge ;)

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