Puppy parks and a very hilly run


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Tell me something fun/active you did.

My weekend consisted of sleeping in, giving Cabo as much play time as possible, hanging with friends, a very hilly run, and a shopping trip :)

I can’t tell you the last time I went shopping for clothes. I scored the perfect pair of brown Steve Madden leather boots and new jeans that actually fit. My friend, Mags, came with and treated me to something I had never had before: fro-yo! Mmm. Okay, all the craze? I get it now. Putting all the toppings you want over any/every flavor you want? This stuff is goooood.
Cabo got to play at 3 different dog parks over the weekend, and we’re slowing introducing her to the idea of water. She’s really chill around other dogs, and would rather sit back and watch, than run around chasing them. She spends her time hanging close to us and doin’ her own thang. How un-puppy of her. But we love that she loves us so much already :)
On Sunday, Weez and I went for our weekend run. We’ve been loving the trails lately, and despite knowing how painfully hilly it’d be (~3200 ft elevation gain total), we ran 12 miles on the Mesa Trail on the flatirons. We ran when we could, we hiked/walked when we had to. 80 gazzilion stairs later, my gluts were burnin’!
Needless to say, I decided to sleep in today rather than go for a run. I’ll do my recovery run tomorrow, mkay?

Tell me about your weekend! What’d you do?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica T says:

    Sweet puppy!!!
    We just got our first froyo place in my town — deelish. :D

  2. nicole says:

    i just love little cabo!!!

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