Running on always-shoveled sidewalks

During our chilly 6 miler this morning, I stopped to appreciate something I’ve begun to take for granted here in Boulder: every single sidewalk we ran on was shoveled and clear of snow.


In Boulder County, there’s a law (Chapter 8-2-13) that states that all private owners, lessees’ leasing the premises, managers, or adult occupants must clear all public sidewalks and walkways adjacent to their homes (aka, the sidewalk in front of their house). It states that you have to clear the entire sidewalk within 24 hrs (or by 12:00 noon the following day) of the snow fall, under penalty of law.

Basically, if you live in a house, you gotta shovel your sidewalks ON the day it snows (or, by the next morning before you leave for work).

Now, I’ve lived in a bunch of different towns/cities all over the US and I’ve never experienced such a law. Some people think it’s pretty extreme and crazy. It certainly is high maintenance. Some complain that, well, what if it snows for 10 days straight? Do you have to shovel every single day? Ugh, that doesn’t sound fun. What if you go on vacation for 2 weeks and it blizzards while you’re away?

Fortunately for me, I live in this awesome condo complex (we rent) where maintenance takes care of every little thing, including shoveling. It’s fantastic.

I have to say that I really appreciate the notion, though, as much as it probably is a huge hassle and pain for home owners/renters. I love that in the winter here, I can leave my home and run on virtually any sidewalk in town, without slipping on ice/running through mounds of chunky snow/fearing for sprained ankles.

Does your town have a law like this? If not, do you shovel your sidewalks every time it snows? What do you think about this law?

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  1. Lisa says:

    Jealous of your sidewalks!!

  2. Jessica T says:

    I miss my townhouse where maintenance shoveled. But now the hubs does it. ;)

  3. Jackie says:

    I think we have 48 hours to shovel our walks. But unfortunately, not everyone follows the law. The City responds to complaints only (they don’t drive around and check) and since I find it hard to write and run on snow at the same time… Even cleared sections are sometimes hazardous because there is ice or the left over snow is slippery. We find ourselves running on the street. Not ideal but the only place I’ve fallen in the winter is on sidewalks! I’m in Iowa so we get our fair share of snow and wind so winter is a 4 letter word.

  4. nicole says:

    ahhhh i cant believe it is so snowy there! cmon mother winter hold off for 2 more weeks!

  5. sarah says:

    sooooo jealous. last night on my run i was jumping over snow banks trying to find clear pavement to run on. ugh…its going to be a long winter running on the streets. its so annoying.

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