Sometimes, ya just gotta push through the suck


Sunday’s run was a test of will power. From the very first stride, I was’t feeling hot. The weather was gorgeous and I really WANTED to be running, but my body felt gross. Sometimes, ya just gotta push through the suck.

In my defense, we were up in WY where my brother lives, which is 7200 ft above sea level, and 1800′ higher than I’m used to running down here in Boulder. I always forget how much harder it is to breath up there.

14 very painful, sluggish miles. Boom. Done. Whatever. Next run will be easier.

And I can’t complain about the company :) I got to run with my two fav guys. Please note their faces: focused and fully attentive to the rocky, uneven trail. Me? Smiling for the camera like an idiot. Good thing I didn’t wipe out. It was close.

Unfortunately, my brother wiped out. And it wasn’t even on these trails, it was on flat pavement ’cause we were close to his house. His ankle rolled over and he went tumbling to the ground, and it looked bad. Fortunately, we were on the road by this point, so a car stopped to help us and the woman gave him a ride back to his house. Poor bro, he was on the couch the rest of the day, icing and whatnot. Sprained ankles are so painful.

The best part after the run was coming home to this wiggly one. She gives the best post-run hugs. I spent the rest of the day lounging, eating more halloween candy, and cuddling Cabo before we made the drive back to Boulder.
And for good measure (because cell phone photos just arn’t nearly good enough), here’s another photo of our growing pup (PS she’s already almost 30lbs. She’s only 4 months).
Those eyes. They kill me. Gawd I love our dog.

I’m really excited about tonight because
1. it’s Halloween and we live somewhere where kids might actually be trick or treating (and I’ll be home) (thus I’ll be prepared with buckets of candy to hand out)
and 2. I’m going for an evening run with 2 friends, Courtney and Erica. and we’re running in halloween-ie clothes. yes. we are awesome.

Happy Halloween everyone! I’ll share pictures from our costume party in tomorrow’s post!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I want to see what you are dressing up as for your run!! How fun are you?!

    I never get too many trick or treaters at my house but I just had some cute teeny kids at my door!

  2. Lisa says:

    I love the idea of going for a Halloween evening run. Gotta remember that for next year!

    Hm, I ran thru similar suck yesterday. All in all, it was a fantastic day and, as promised, smiled at the finish of Cape Cod marathon. But a nor’easter with gusty winds throughout the day…..I call that ‘suck’. Happy, happy…but boy, so much harder than it had to be.

    Cabo is such a cutie. Bella melts me w/ her pretty yellow lab eyes.

  3. cisforcourtney says:

    Such a great run tonight! Definitely had a great time! OMUHGAHHH… your doggychild is SO SO SO precious. I just want to squeeze her!

  4. mallory says:

    Way to push through it! That’s great. Too bad about your brother’s ankle. Sprained ankles really, really suck. I think the picture of the three of you is really funny! I’ve really been liking dogs a lot more lately. I can see one in my future :)

  5. nicole says:

    ahhhh melt my heart!

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