Running Mantras


I’m all about running mantras. You know, the stuff that keeps your head in the game when a run gets tough. Or something to inspire yourself before a race. Every hard run I ever go on, at least one or two pop into my head, and I just repeat them over and over, to help push me through. Running is so mental, is it not?

When I was in college and chasing after a sub 20 5k, I wrote a sign that said “how bad do you want it?” and stuck it on my bathroom mirror. To challenge myself everyday, to fight for the thing I really wanted. I’m not one to sit back or give up easily when it comes to a personal challenge. Especially when it comes to mental stuff.

Mama didn’t raise no Sally.

With new personal running goals ahead, I’m ready for a new mantra. SUAR interviewed Apolo Ohno before his NYC marathon, and he said his running mantra is “zero regrets“.  I dig that. I’m ok with regretting the 14 pieces of halloween candy I inhaled last night (eh, I can just run it off later)(I’m generally a healthy eater anyways), but I’m not ok with regretting giving up during a track workout or long run.

I’m on the hunt for a new, inspiring mantra. I want to write it on a post it note and stick in on my bathroom mirror again.

So share some with me! What are your favorite mantras?

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  1. Lisa says:

    In a 1/2 marathon I ran this summer, I pushed like I’d never pushed before. As the miles clicked by, I started to doubt whether I could continue the pace. Afterall, it hurt! That’s when I fell into saying to myself (out loud), “It’s supposed to hurt when you push!”

    I ended up winning my age group! First ever :) So, I believe in mantras or stern internal lectures completely!

  2. cisforcourtney says:

    One of my faves is one that I heard at leadville. “dig deep!”

  3. Beth says:

    My mantra is often, “I love this!!” Whether your on a training run or racing, its how I remind myself why I do these things.

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