The typical day, as of late


The lack of blogging hasn’t been because I don’t like you guys. I love you guys. It’s been because I haven’t been doing anything new or exciting. My life is in a happy little steady state (like that, chem geeks?) but nothing to write home about.

Cabo is taking up 99% of our free time, and we are just fine with that :) But it wears us out.

Typical day for us Weezs:
6:45AM: wake up, feed and take Cabo for a walk
7:30AM: put Cabo back in kennel, go for a blissful run where Weez and I can talk to each other about life, philosophy, love, food, friends, and grown up non-puppy things.
8:30PM: arrive home from run, take turns getting ready while the other entertains Cabo/prevents her from eating toilet paper or getting stuck behind the couch
10AM: finally get to lab
1PM: leave work to go home and take care of Cabo (lunch, walk, dog park sesh)
2:30PM: get back to lab (the doggie duties always take longer than you’d expect)
7PM: head home, take Cabo for a walk, feed Cabo, play with Cabo while trying to cook dinner, fend Cabo off the dinner table while we try eating dinner, put Cabo in kennel so we can finish eating, take Cabo out after dinner, play more with Cabo because if we’re not actively giving her attention she’s whining or pawing our faces
9:27 – 9:47PM: the mystery twilight zone where Cabo isn’t spazzing out, and we can actually relax for 20 minutes.
9:48PM: Weez wakes me up, ’cause I’ve fallen asleep on the couch again
9:49PM: crazy Cabo is at it again, so we take her to the dog park to play fetch before bed
11PM: Cabo is tuckered out, so I carry her into her bed/kennel, where she crawls into the tiniest little puppy ball, blinks up at us with those sweet puppy eyes, and falls asleep ever so cutely. These moments make it all worth it. Damn, we say, she’s so cute. And she’s all ours.
11:01PM: I’m passed out on the bed, with the lights on again.

Reason #87 why Weez and I won’t be having kids anytime soon. Cabo is plenty enough for the time being :)

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica T says:

    I think Cabo sounds awesome ahaha :)
    He definitely keeps you busy!

  2. danica says:

    Puppies are a lot of work but so much fun! I always tell B that our puppy is our child right now :)

  3. Beth says:

    Aw, but she’s SO CUTE!!!

  4. nicole says:

    cabo is BOSS just like Nala!!! :) excpet nala isnt a puppy anymore so she isnt AS bad as a puppy but still requires LOVE

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