Coach Jeff and PRS Fit


Back in early January, I asked the twittersphere if anyone could recommend a solid 5K training plan. Right away, I was contacted by Jeff (@coachprs) from PRS Fit. Jeff and his wife Diane are co-founders of PRS Fit, and have been successful coaches since 1999. I actually met Jeff 2 years ago at a Newton Running Shoe workshop. Anyhoo, we got in touch immediately and he offered to work with me and be my personal coach.

Coach Jeff Kline is a fantastic coach!

I ran competitive XC and track through HS and college under the direction of some great coaches. I loved those coaches and they really knew how to create results. With Coach Jeff, I wanted a training plan that fits my lifestyle and kicks my butt. I’m ready to take speed workouts seriously. I told him from the get-go, I’m all about the 5K and I want to reach my college PR.

I’ve been working with Coach Jeff for over a month now, and I can straight up tell you I’m feeling the results of a great coach again. Not only are my workouts perfect for me, but they’re challenging, different, refreshing. When I check my workout plan for the week, I’m never bored with any of the workouts. And I’m gaining the confidence in myself and my speed that I lost after college.

And the best part of it all? I get personal video feedback from coach at least once a week, recapping my week’s effort and workouts. He provides encouragement, explains why he assigns certain workouts, always asks (then answers them) if I have any questions, and catches me if I miss a workout (hey, that only happened once). Our coach/athlete relationship is definitely two-sided and full of communication and adaptation. Coach Jeff loves his job and it shows.

Coach Jeff’s success comes from our (everyone on the PRS Fit Team) success. I love that philosophy. And everyone on the team is so friendly and encouraging. I feel like I’m part of something bigger than just myself and it’s really motivating.

Coach Jeff works with a wide variety of atheletes – from triathletes to distance runners, old and young, new and experienced. I’m not paid or forced to say any of this, I just enjoy working with Coach Jeff, so if you’re looking for or considering bringing a coach into your training, I highly recommend PRS Fit. Those guys know what they’re doing, and they’re passionate about their clients and results.

Their motto? “Be Healthy, Train Smart, Have Fun” :)

Have you ever worked with a coach?

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  1. Lauren says:

    hooray coach jeff! hooray you being a fasty mcfasterton!

  2. Beth says:

    It sounds like you have found the perfect fit! I had a training group with a coach for marathon training, but have just started a one on one type coaching for triathlon. It is a huge adjustment, and it’s actually been a bit difficult so far!

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