That awkward moment…

… when you’re leaving the building, and you push on the wrong side of the door (the part that’s hinged, instead of the side that swings open). and you run your face into the door.

… when you see someone you think you recognize from your apartment but aren’t sure. then you keep staring at them ’cause if it is them you don’t want to be rude and ignore them as you pass, but then you’ve been staring at them for 12 seconds straight and they think you’re just a weirdo. then you’re too embarrassed to even say hi.

… when you realized you’ve eaten 2 boxes of thin mints by yourself in 1 week.

… when you realize your dog farts every time she jumps up on the couch, but friends are around and you think they think it’s you.

… when keystone light is in your fridge.

… when you’ve fallen asleep on the couch before 9. for the third day in a row.

… when you respond playfully to your girl friend’s tweet (“let’s make a date out of it!”) but realize it was their fiance instead.

… when you’ve realized that all of the above have happened in the past 7 days.

Tell me something funny/awkward that’s happened to YOU recently!

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  1. Lucas says:

    Still laughing that you wanted to go on a date with me! :P I passed on the message to C tho, no worries! hahaha

    1. Efo says:

      I’m still laughing about it too! Haha, I swear I wasn’t trying to pick you up! Just, Courtney instead :P

  2. Lauren says:

    …when you walk past your glass balcony doors completely naked only to realize there is an old woman walking her dog 4 feet away

    …when you tell someone that you dont like wedding on holidays weekends only to be told that their wedding is over memorial day

    …when there is no more PBR in the fridge because you drank it all.

    1. Efo says:

      bahaha those are all excellent, especially the first one, because honestly who hasn’t had that happen to them?!

  3. Priya says:

    …when you walk out of the bathroom at work and someone else tells you that your skirt is tucked into your tights

    ….GS & DF

    1. Efo says:

      you. are. KIDDING me?! PK, that’s just hilarious. I can see that happening to you, too :P

      1. Priya says:

        Yep…needless to say I’ve been wearing pants all week after that incident. Luckily the coworker was a friend :)

  4. Ay! Bad week for you. How about–when you fall asleep in a health and wellness committee meeting at your kids’ school? Yeah, for real.

    1. Efo says:

      Aww man, you’re a busy mama! No wonder you needed a few extra zzz’s. Naps relate to health and wellness, duh :)

  5. Jessica Tj says:

    More thin mints. They make life better.

  6. When you make a comment on Facebook to somebody telling them that their justification for not being able to get in shape is just an excuse for being lazy and then you realize it’s your daughter’s first grade teacher. Even if it’s your wife who made the comment, it’s still awkward for you.

    Where does Lauren live?
    ^^ there, that’s awkward.

    1. Efo says:

      sam, i literally just snorted. life points for you! (thank goodness for the “delete” button on FB after you’ve posted something you regret!)

  7. “… when you realized you’ve eaten 2 boxes of thin mints by yourself in 1 week.”

    hahahah. girl, we are in the same club. NO SHAME!

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