Ceran St. Vrain Backpacking Trip


Over the weekend, we went backpacking near Jamestown, CO… our first backpacking trip of the year, and Cabo’s first trip ever!
We all had a blast, Cabo included. Cabo led the way on the trails, but would swing to the back of the line to check on everyone. It was pretty cute. She’s a great off-leash trail dog.
The trails were snowy in patches, but dry in others and made for a solid workout. We hiked about 2 hours before setting up camp for the night.
Cabo roamed around while we collected firewood, started the campfire, and hung out in our hammocks. The dog probably ate 27 lbs of sticks while we were out there. Crazy pup.
We stayed up late chatting, nursing the fire, and eating our dinners. I was cashed from hiking 2 hours with a 25lb pack on my back, so it’s no surprise that I fell asleep leaning against a rock while everyone stayed up longer. When we eventually crawled into our sleeping bags and tents, Cabo curled up right next to me, spooning me for warmth. It was the cutest.

In the morning, we surprised my brother with birthday muffins, complete with candles. I’ve spent almost every single birthday of his with him, and I don’t intend to miss any in the future. I love hangin’ with my big bro.
We were in no hurry to leave in the morning, so we enjoyed our breakfasts and brisk morning air until lunch time when we packed up to start the trek back to our cars.
Once back in Boulder, this is how Cabo spent approximately 95% of the rest of her day:
Tell me that green bandana isn’t adorable?! (it was a gift from my brother’s gf!)

But now it’s the work week (woohoo, it’s already Wednesday), and I’m back to dreaming about how to spend our next weekend. I can tell ya one thing, it’ll most likely involve the mountains again :)

How was your weekend? 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    I think Cabo and I would be napping together if I had gone! Hahaha.
    Sounds like a great trip.

  2. lgsmash says:

    that looks like a great weekend! you’re brave to be backpacking this early – i know i’d be toooooo chilly! :)

  3. Heidi Nicole says:

    Looks like a great weekend! And the weather has been awesome lately! And Cabo has the right idea…nap time!

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