Race Recap: 2012 April Dash n’ Dine 5K

We had a blast volunteering at the Dash n’ Dine 5K (hosted by Without Limits) last week. The race director is fantastic (he knows how to put on a well organized race!), and he offered us free registrations for this week’s 5K (it’s a series, with 5K races every Tuesday night in April and May).

My goal was to break 20, and I quickly realized when we arrived at the Boulder res that that might not happen. The winds were strong and steady, but it was an out and back course, so Coach Jeff told me to run hard with the wind when I could, and push hard into the wind when I had to (Coach Jeff and his wife came out to cheer us on!).

The gun went off, and I found myself leading the women’s pack. I’ve never been up front in a race before, and I could hear two other ladies right on my heels, for the first mile. I could see their ponytail shadows bouncing around, a few steps behind my shadow.

Mile 1: 6:29

At the half way point, we reached the turn around and the wind was straight in our faces. The two ladies continued to stick on my heels, riding in my draft. I wanted to pull ahead to distance myself, but I just couldn’t speed up anymore. I was at full throttle. I felt like I was putting in the same effort, if not harder, but that’s wind for ya.

Mile 2: 6:55

Somewhere after mile 2, the two ladies pulled up to my side, and the three of us ran side by side for a few minutes. One of the ladies (who ended up winning! congrats to her!) pulled ahead with a strong surge, and the second woman and I kept leap frogging each other.

Mile 3: 7:07

With 0.14 mile to go, I heard Coach Jeff and Diane cheering loud and I didn’t want to disappoint them, so I made sure to sprint my butt off, and came in 2nd place overall for the women :) It was a tough sprint-out to the finish, and I give mad props to the 3rd place female for pushing me so much and giving me a good run for my money.

5K = 21:11 (6:47 pace)
1st in 19-29 AG
2nd overall female 

I can’t say it enough, but Coach Jeff is awesome, I feel so lucky to have him as my coach. He’s so supportive, gives great workouts and advice, and is always there for his team (literally). I love being a part of Team PRSFit!

I apologize for the mega long recap for just a silly little 5K, but I wanted to write this to remember the details because it was such a challenging, exciting race for me (I’m a dork). 

Weez had a great race too! Coming in 5th for his age group, Weez ran a speedy PR of 21:02! Congrats Weez! Sub 21 next time :) We got this!

Thanks for reading!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    You lost me at 5k recap.



    Nice job … maybe one of these weeks I’ll get out there and we can push each other to break 20.

  2. Wow, thats awesome! Congrats on the fantastic finish!

  3. Beth says:

    Congrats!! I love an all-out sprint to the finish, you definitely earned that 2nd place.

  4. Maggie says:

    EEEERIN! That’s so exciting and wonderful! Look at you, kicking ass and taking names.

  5. cisforcourtney says:

    woowoo! nice job you two! loving the new blog layout!

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