I feel like I’ve just been here…

The Denver International Airport, that is. Im not even over the jetlag yet, and here I am, waiting at my gate for another flight. I love it.

This weekend is going to be so amazing, as the time has FINALLY come… its my best friends bachelorette party weekend! Or as she calls it, Friend Appreciation Weekend :)


Melon and I go way back… we’ve been best friends just about 10 years now (yikes that makes me feel old). My senior year of HS (in IL), my dad got a new job in NJ. My parents recognized how sad I’d be to move for my senior year, so they let me live with Melon and her family. We’ve been like sisters ever since.
Love this girl and I can’t WAIT to embarrass the crap outta her this weekend, and celebrate her last few weeks as a non-Mrs.

Look out Madison, WI… here we come!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Happy bachelorette weekend to her!!

  2. Holly says:

    Now it’s my turn to live vicariously through you, what with all YOUR travel these past few weeks. Loved the reports on SE Asia. And – although it sounds like you never actually lived there – we also share a NJ connection (sort of), as that’s where I grew up. :)

    Also? Madison = AWESOME. Was just out there in June to visit a friend. Great city; and I know you won’t have time to check it out, but AMAZING bike paths, and a kickin’ downtown Farmer’s Market on Sunday AM!

    Have a terrific weekend! :)

  3. misszippy says:

    Have a great time (I’m sure you will!). I need to read your trip posts–I’m sure it was spectacular!

  4. melon says:

    Erin you are too cute! LOVE YOU and THANK YOU for making it out this past weekend! You can post internet/career appropriate pictures on your blog…. : )

    Muah, happy Monday! SEE YOU SOON!!

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