Melon’s Bachelorette Party (and #14)


My best friend is getting married in ONE MONTH from TODAY! And to celebrate her last days as a single babe, we all met up in Madison, WI for her bachelorette party. I absolutely loved Madison. Perfect place for a bachelorette party, too.

We had a blast. Beach lounging, Capital park wandering, art festival browsing, WI-cheese curd indulging, dressing up, and going out.

I hadn’t seen two of the girls in years and I loved hanging out with Melon’s fellow bridesmaids. I’m not gonna lie… we’re a fun bunch. We know how to have a good time. More than ever, I’m so stoked for Mel’s wedding. And we’re gonna look good too ;)

And you can bet we made sure to check off #14 on my list of 26-before-26: thoroughly embarrass my best friend at her bachelorette party. Priceless.

Happy One-Month-To-Go, Mel! Love you and Nat and I’m so excited to see you again SO soon!

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  1. melon says:

    It was so much fun! Finally got my ring back too – thank you for coming out! I think we took a few more internet-approps shots than these, but thank you for posting on the nice ones. Also, my burned bum is back to normal!

  2. love the pictures, as always! glad you gals had such a fun time in madison!

  3. Ellen says:

    Loved seeing pictures from Madison! I think I’m going to be moving there in December so it’s great to see someone else love it!

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