Motivation, refreshed.


Believe it or not, but while in Madison for Melon’s bachelorette party weekend, we ran both mornings (Sat and Sunday). Those girls are crazy dedicated, not to mention super speedy (think, 2:50-3:20 marathoners). Needless to say, I had a hell of a time keeping up with them, but they inspired me big time while I was with them.

They refreshed and inspired the motivation I needed in my running life. And it got me thinking, what type of runner motivates me the most?

I’ve got mad respect for the 70 year olds still out there running for the love of it. I’m humbled by the insanely busy working moms and dads wakin’ up crazy early, before their kids get up, so they can get a run in. I’m seriously impressed by my speedster friends who -without fail- get out for their speed work and long runs no matter what the day/weather/location.

They all motivate me, but for some reason, those girls gave me an extra boost of motivation after that weekend.

Motivation is empowering. It gives you that pep in your step, the confidence, the excitement to go and get outside to run. It’s not a matter of “okay I gotta do this today”, it’s a matter of “I WANT to do this today”. And I love that feeling. I’m planning on hanging onto it as long as I can.

Which has led me to searching the local running scene for a new race to register for :) I think I’m ready to race again. I’m bored with my plainjane easy runs every day. I’m itchin’ for some speedwork and mid-distance racing. I’m thinking anything between a 10K up to a half marathon.

Denver-area runners, what are some great 10K or 13.1 races coming up this fall?
What are you registered for this summer/fall?
Who or what has motivated you to run most recently? 

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  1. Jessica says:

    YOU motivate me! With posts like this!
    I’m signed up for the Color Run in September …. which is more for fun than anything but it’s definitely gotten me back on the running wagon post-baby. :)

    1. Efo says:

      Yah color run!! I’ve heard it’s pretty cool, you’ll have to let me know how it goes! and you inspire ME.. what, with running after having a baby so recently?! Proud of you, girl :)

  2. goodness gracious, you have fast friends! mad props to you guys for getting out there & getting those runs in!

    i’m registered for the rnr denver 1/2 on sept. 22. it’s a saturday. also considering doing the equinox 1/2 in foco, which is the next day.

    might have dropped the 50k from the race plans… but clearly i’m still race crazy. ;) :)

    1. Efo says:

      Ooohh, both 13.1’s look awesome. And if we got to meet up and see each other before/after the race? Even better! You’re a rockstar, C. Two 13.1’s back to back. Woot!

  3. Terry Miller says:

    The best race that fits your criteria is coming up probably a bit too quickly for you, the Georgetown-Idaho Springs half; it’s Aug 11th. The Aetna Park-Park 10miler is Mon Sep 3rd(Labor Day), lots of people like that one too. I have a calendar that I put all the races in I care about
    But I kind of focus on trail races. has a very complete race calendar. Enjoy!

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