The past 11 days

Seriously, where has the month of July gone?!

My last blog post was on July 19. And a lot has happened in the past 11 days.

Let’s catch everyone up to speed, just for funsies. Plus, I have terrible memory, so it’s a good exercise for me.

Here’s a list of some of the things I can remember:

1.) went to vegas for a week. and had a blast.

(no we did not just hang out in one hotel room the entire time, but this is the largest/cutest group photo I seem to have)

2.) went out to eat probably as many times (if not more) than actually cooked at home

3.) participated in a 2-day business/research meeting with a big company

4.) took care of a GI/health issue I’ve been battling for a long time

5.) went on a 2 day/1 night backpacking trip with a great friend and our dogs

6.) cried while watching the dang commercials during the olympics

7.) slept in till 10AM for the first time in months

8.) bought a new sports bra (this is exciting/a big deal for me, only because the last time I bought myself a new sports bra was when I was in college. i need a new running wardrobe. bad.)

9.) hugged one of my favorite coworkers goodbye, who’s gone on to bigger and better things

10.) went on a glorious day hike to a favorite local spot

11.) ran a handful of times

12.) gotten totally stoked for my best friend’s upcoming wedding (three weeks!)

13.) started doing abs again

14.) went for a 50 mile bike ride

15.) enjoyed many dinner date nights with friends

16.) finally changed my blog’s domain to all thank’s to Sam‘s help (pretty jazzed about that), so please update your feeds, if need be :)

The downside to being so dang busy, is that I miss cooking homemade meals in the kitchen. I miss watching Scrubs in my PJs on the couch with Weez, while Cabo lays in my lap. I miss phone dates with my best friends and family… All of which feel like they’ve been on hold.

But I am sooo not complaining. The past 11 days have been pretty darn awesome. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life right now.

I’ve always believed I’d rather be busy than bored!

Life is good. And I’m happy staying busy. The month of August is shaping up to be even more amazing than July was… so hang on, I’ve got a lot more on my plate!

Do you have a particular ab-routine?
When was the last time you bought new running clothes for yourself?
Have you ever been to Vegas?

7 Comments Add yours

  1. wow! you guys have been busy! so awesome you guys are having such an exciting summer!

    i don’t really have an ab routine that i follow. every once in a while, i get all gung-ho && do a few sit ups every other week or so… i asked my friend why her abs look so awesome one time.. her response… “we just have a lot of sex!” –HA. okay then!

    i bought a pair of the oiselle distance shorts two weeks ago. i got the color “alder” i do believe. a bit expensive… BUT POCKETS GALORE! plus super comfy. worth the splurge for sure.

    i’ve been two vegas twice? however i was under the age of 18 for both… so i don’t really count it!

    glad you are doing the 1/2 in foco!!!

    1. Efo says:

      ooohhh, i have a pair of oiselle shorts and LOVE them too! thanks again for suggesting the Equinox Half! We’re stoked to run it!

  2. I just went on a running clothes binge last weekend! I discovered my favorite running shorts and tanks at Marshalls and went a lil’ crazy :)

    1. Efo says:

      marshalls, that’s genius. I need to go shopping there. Stat. What’s your fave brand for sports bras?

  3. Melissa says:

    The only ab routine I follow is the post-workout one in P90X. Other than that – nothing. Probably should fix then. Then maybe I’d have abs? haha

    Been to Vegas a couple times – that place is great! Love the food, the booze, the gambling, the hotels. Pretty much everything. SO much fun.

    As for running clothes … yeah I prob buy too much. I just bought my fourth (yes FOURTH) pair of compression socks. I have a problem.

  4. Maggie says:

    You sure have been busy, and everything sounds so great!! Congrats on the new domain name btw, very cool!

    For abs, my two favorites are Russian twists with med ball and planks…gotta love the plank.

    As for running clothes, it’s been a long time! But the other day I did find a new shirt I bought a year ago that I’d never worn…does that count??

    And Vegas, oh yes. I went for my first time on my 21st with my hubby, and we pretty much go at least twice a year since then! But it’s an easy 45 min flight or 4 hour drive from us, so it’s pretty accessible :)

  5. Jessica T says:

    Olympics commercials TOTALLY tear me up!!

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