Makeup and Working Out

Every morning when I roll out of bed to hit the trails for my run, I do just that: 1. roll out of bed 2. put in contacts so I’m not blind 3. brush teeth 4. lace shoes 5. go run. Makeup is no part of that equation.

I will admit though, that I apply a base layer of tinted sunscreen for races and a coat of waterproof mascara. I don’t see anything silly about that, because I need the sunscreen on, so why not go with tinted stuff to minimize uneven skin tone? And as for the mascara, hey it’s waterproof and it makes me feel tougher for some reason when it’s on and I’m racing. Something about feeling both fast and feminine/pretty. I dunno.

But the general rule of thumb for me is if I’m working out in the AM, I don’t put any makeup on. 6:30AM rec center/friends-present HIIT class included.

But I’ve noticed for each of the classes I’m taking this fall, that every gal in there has makeup on. It’s pretty easy to tell when someone’s wearing eyeliner.

Though I totally don’t see anything wrong with that (to each their own!) (gotta look good to be good, baby), it just gets me wondering… I wonder what percentage of girls:
A.) put makeup on before working out, no matter what the time/occasion
B.) leave it on, if they’re coming to the gym after work, etc.
C.) take it off before working out

Do you fall in any of those categories?
Do you wear makeup for social runs or races?

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  1. Jessica T says:

    I generally workout right after work and I have barely any time to change so I leave my makeup on. (Unless I’m bad and tan… then I wash my face!)
    If I work out in the am, I wash my face but that’s it :)

  2. No makeup for working out. Sunscreen of course! My skin is extra sensitive so I have to be careful with that. I think a lot of chicks do that but it’s just not my style.

  3. If I have makeup on already I’ll just leave it on, but I never go out of my way to put some on for morning or evening runs. I will say that for most races, I do put on a bit on eye makeup, but that’s mostly for my quest to get a good race photo! So far, it hasn’t helped!

  4. Holly says:

    I’m a bad sample population, since my normal ‘makeup’ routine involves moisturizer/sunscreen, powder, and *maybe* (if I’m feeling fancy) a bit of eyeliner. If I workout in the morning, I wash my face and go. No sunscreen, even. Don’t tell my dermatologist. I rationalize that the sun is low – or non-existent – anyway, so no worries. If I workout any other time, I just go. Usually, my eyeliner has worn off by then anyway, so there’s no concern about it ending up halfway down my cheeks.

    If I wore anything tinted, it’d be all over my shirt, my arms, and my hands. Doesn’t it get everywhere when you wipe the sweat off?

    I’ve never figured out the “makeup to workout”. But then, I’ve never harbored any dreams – or fantasies – of being a fresh-faced, dewy-complexioned athlete. I’m working hard, and man, it shows. Ah, well. Wouldn’t trade that for anything else!

  5. If I am rolling out of my bed and running outside with Tals, it’s a hat and nothing else. Any other time, I am super careful about always putting on my moisturizer and my face makeup. My moisturizer is SPF 30 and my makeup is Bare Minerals with SPF 15. I’ve realized the combo keeps my face from getting more sun so I prefer to keep it that way…. I have enough sun damage as it is

    And honestly, I do have to wear mascara…..I have wicked long eyelashes and if I don’t coat them in something, they get all annoying and poke me in the eyeballs all day. First world problem, I know :)

  6. kaitwatts says:

    I hardly wear makeup to begin with. The only way that I would wear it working out is if I wore it the day before for some work thing and then didn’t wash it off. Sunscreen goes without sayin-IMO.

  7. Mari Cangelose says:

    My average answer would be B but if I was going out to just go the the gym then I wouldn’t even put makeup on at all. For a race I might put a little on like you Erin because I feel a little more respected when I respect myself a little with makeup. Personally girls that wear caked on makeup to the gym bother me but maybe it’s not just the makeup that bothers me…it might be the way they act/dress too. But I have to give credit…if someone is working out then atleast they’re trying to work on their self image…get it girl!!!

  8. samfelsenfeld says:

    Nope, don’t wear makeup on my runs or to social events. I’m kind of a Plain John, but I’m comfortable that way.

  9. Heidi Nicole says:

    In the AM I’m a roll out of bed a go kind of girl, especially if I’m going to be wear sunglasses outside for a run. On occasion – like run group or 1st time to group class – I’ll swipe on mascara, but I’m a hugely self conscious about my eyes and its not coated on, promise!

    For races I’ll put light concealer around my eyes and wear light mascara, but again, I tend to really hate on my eyes, so its not so much an “I need to look fantastic” mentality as it is a “I almost never leave the house without it” way of thinking.

    But full make up…uh, I don’t think I even know how to put that on!

  10. lgsmash says:

    i always wear like, sunscreen or bare minerals (spf powder! holler!) and sometimes mascara in daily life. however, i definitely do not wear either for working out unless i’m coming straight from work or something. i don’t get full makeup faces while working out… doesn’t that clog pores or at least drip everywhere?!

  11. Mags says:

    If I workout in the morning, I do not put makeup on.
    If I workout after work, I leave my makeup.
    For races, I’ll apply tinted moisturizer or a light foundation with sunscreen (sunscreen is a MUST), mascara, and chapstick to keep my lips moist.

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