Shhh, do you hear that?

Do you hear that… the quiet sound of no one freaking out about the Boston Marathon Registration? 

And guess what? It’s been going on (the registration process) for the past week. I haven’t heard a single peep about it. It’s kinda nice, ain’t it?

Two years ago, the Boston Marathon registration process made headlines because it sold out in a matter of hours (much less, weeks or months like it had been all the previous years). Runners (including myself!) were stressing about the website, and not being able to get their wavers through due to the crashing website. As more people train for marathons (and get faster, while at it!), more runners are BQ’ing, which lead to how quick Boston was filling.

It’s interesting what a little change to the qualifying standards and process can do.

The new qualifying standards/registration are as such:

  • BQ times are 5:59 faster for each age group than years prior (e.g. women 18-34 need to run a 3:35:00 or faster to qualify)
  • BAA has tailored the registration such that the race fills from faster qualifiers down to the slowest (fast people will get in, just-on-the-cutoff-runners might not)
  • Rolling Registration:
    • Sept 10: Runners who BQ’d 20+ mins faster than the cut off are allowed to register first
    • Sept 12: Runners who BQ’d 10+ mins faster than the cut off can register a few days later
    • Sept 14: Runners who BQ’d 5+ mins faster can register third
    • Sept 17-21: All qualifiers can start to register, starting 10AM EST
    • Sept 24: If there’s space still available, registration will reopen until the race has been filled

Back in August I quietly checked the website to figure out when I can register. Because I ran a 3:31:37 at CIM last December, I need to wait until Monday (Sept 17th) to register. I’m not so much worried that I won’t get in, but I’ll certainly still be prepared by my computer at 7:59AM (MST) on Monday, armed with my credit card, ready to shell out the $150 registration fee.

As much as this rolling process minimizes the registration day chaos, I still think it takes away the magic of the moment when you cross that finish line and know you’ve BQ’d. Because in the back of your mind, you worry, “does this still mean I’ll get in?” “what if the cap is met and registration closes before my time allows me to register?”

But I do think that with these required faster qualifying times, fewer people will be able to BQ. Which might means everyone who does BQ, will most likely get in. That’s my hope, at least.

So come Monday morning, we’ll all find out if that’s true or not. We’ll see how long registration stays open… I’ve got my fingers crossed that my friend (3:34:XX) and I (3:31:XX) both get in together.

We’ll see!

Has anyone here registered for Boston 2013 yet (speedster!)? 
Who else is waiting to register on Monday morning? 

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    If you don’t get in I’ll eat my running shorts. Thanks for worrying about your friend with a 3:08:45 hoping to get in, although if your 3:34 friend gets in, your 3:08 friend will get in. They both will, though. Last year, only 15,300 people got in with this year’s standards and there weren’t a lot of re-qualifiers at Boston this year. It’ll stay open until the Monday after Chicago (well, that’s my best guess).

    1. Efo says:

      I’m not worried about your time one bit! We gotta make 2013 the Boston that 2011 should have been! Woop woop!

  2. misszippy1 says:

    I understand where you’re coming from. I think you’ll probably still make it in–for the most part, the system worked pretty well last year.

    And perspective is interesting–your time and mine are about the same (3:32) and yet I have a 23-min. cushion. Crazy, isn’t it? Maybe they need to tighten the old lady standards?

    1. Efo says:

      First off, haha, you are so not an old lady, you can run laps around me and you’ve had two kids. Second, I’m assuming you’ve registered already then, yah? I hope? I’d love to see you and catch up again.

  3. I’ve registered for the race and thankfully did not run into a single technical glitch. From the murmurings I’ve heard so far, in terms of spaces left, you should be good to go! :)

  4. Lisa says:

    Alas, no Boston 2013 for this girl! But no complaints – I’ve had the privilege of participating the last 3 years. My husband registered today, so hopefully I’ll have him to root my heart out for in April.

    I’m sending good vibes your way that you get in with no problem. Boston’ll be YOURS to own this year!!!

  5. fingers crossed that you get in!

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