Five Things Friday


I’m feeling random today, so five things it is!

1.) I’m really excited about the weekend… Spending time with friends, shopping, cooking, Tigers playoff game, The Rumble 2012, and a maternity photo session with my fave preggo couple.

2.) Cabo pup somehow hurt her leg two weeks ago (we didn’t see it happen) and is still limping around. It really breaks my heart and we don’t know what to do, because the vet couldn’t trigger a pained response from her when he was checking her out. She just holds her back right leg up from time to time, but doesn’t seem to be upset about it :( So if you’ve had any experience with your pup limping around, share your story because I just need to know it’ll get better. I hate seeing her like this.

3.) Good morning, SNOW. Yes, friends, it in fact snowed here last night. Granted, it was just a baby dusting, but STILL. This makes me happy because snow means winter, and winter means Frosty the Snowman/ski lifts and cold toes/hot chocolate with mini marshmellows/precious family time/Christmas music/pine trees/scarves/twinkling lights/boots and skinny jeans/snowball fights/sledding. Omgomgomg.

4.) 40 glorious minutes on the snow-dusted trails this morning. I had to bust out my winter hat and gloves because brrrrrr. It felt so nice to be breathing cold air instead of sweating into my eye balls.

5.) Some sound advice, found on my way to work this morning:


What temperature is it RIGHT now where you live?
Tell me a few fun things you’re up to this weekend!
If you’ve had a dog that got hurt, please tell me they got better eventually??

5 Comments Add yours

  1. kaitwatts says:

    Mikaya has had issues the past year with arthritis in her legs.We give her aspirin after big runs.The vet says as long as she’s happy keep letting her run and play.So we do.At first it totally broke my heart but once he vet said that I felt better.

  2. Lisa says:

    Temp here in the Northeast is 64 and supposed to get warmer tomorrow :)

    My Bella gets limpy at times. Most times it’s because she plays so hard. She runs full out to chase her Kong. There’s no “in between” speed. Other times, it’s been the slightest cut to her paw/pad.

    My most fun thing this weekend is that I get to say “I only have to run 12 miles”. With this ultra training starting to come to an end, I’m ready for “just 12”!!

  3. To answer your questions: It is the same temperature where I am as where you are, I am from CO too! My fun this this weekend is Race for the Cure and spending time with a friend that’s been out of town for two weeks +. Also, you’re dog will be fine, i’m sure. It’s frustrating not knowing, I understand, I’m a vet tech. Did the vet give you any medications? Is your pup still limping today??

  4. What temperature is it RIGHT now where you live? — about the same where you are! however in steamboat is was apparently warmer– uhm, WHAT?!
    Tell me a few fun things you’re up to this weekend! — packing, running, finishing up pretty little liars on netflix– i know. it’s sad, don’t judge me!
    If you’ve had a dog that got hurt, please tell me they got better eventually?? — they DO get better. however, important to keep them under control if they are on pain medicine. possible to re-injure or not heal properly because they start feeling better really quick.

    hope you had a great weekend!

  5. lgsmash says:

    i looooove running when it’s chilly/cold – to be outside and in the fresh, cold air and then come in to a warm apartment and shower – it’s the best. i am loving the fall weather!

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