So I just heard that registration for the 2013 Boston Marathon is officially closed. The qualifier cap has been met and the race is now full.

Registration opened about a month ago, and about 19,000 of the available 21,600 qualifier spots filled up in the first two weeks. That didn’t leave a whole lot of space for Chicago -and other cities- marathoners (I had lots of friends who kicked butt in Chicago last weekend!) to squeeze in.

As a whole, I think the registration floated along smoothly this year (from my little¬†perspective). I wonder if the BAA will tweak the registration process again for next year? I’ll keep my ears open and let ya know if I hear anything.

I hope everyone who wanted to run Boston 2013 got in! I can’t wait to see you there! But first, I’ve got a cold winter of training ahead… eww, winter running, you are not my fave.

Happy Thursday, friends!

A random recent favorite photo:

PS. If you watch the Colorado (/Arizona State) game tonight, 1. I apologize (because we’re pretty awful this year) and 2. look for me and Weez! We’ll be there! We landed 50-yard line seats for FREE, so I’m pretty excited. Go Buffs!

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  1. I thought it would fill this week with all the big marathons from last weekend. I’m glad they have tweeked the system so that people can still use fall times (some) to get in for the following spring. Seems like they’ve reached the perfect place with the system.

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