Rushing to work


I woke up an hour later than I had set my alarm this morning (oops.)(does that ever happen to you?), and I woke up completely shocked. I slept so hard there was no dreaming, no waking to use the bathroom, no tossing or turning. I slept like a rock. Man, it’s nice to get zzz’s like that. Still, I only had two hours to run then get to lab for a meeting.

Once I came to consciousness, I threw on my running shoes and zipped out the door. There was no way I’d skip out on our workout this morning. Weez suggested hitting up the track for 400s last night, and I didn’t want to miss out on them.

Since we didn’t have as much time, we had to readjust our game plan. If it comes to skipping out on miles, or just rushing through the morning routine, I choose rushing. I don’t need to dry my hair everyday. I don’t have to wear makeup. Sweatshirts and jeans are totes approp’s for my workplace (a smelly chemistry lab). Well, most of the time.

Side note: I’d really like to work in a real world environment one day though. Seriously. Business skirts and suits and cute blouses that require dry cleaning? Oh man… to be feminine at work for a change. That’d be the day.

Anyways, as we warmed up to the track, we decided the minimum amount of time necessary to get ready to head to work, then just ran 400s until it was time to run back home. We got 9 done (1:35 splits) with 30 secs rest between each.

Felt great to get some speed work in, since it had been so long.

And we made it to school and my meeting just in time :)

How often do you “rush” to get ready for work in the morning?
What’s your work environment like?

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  1. new reader by way of HRG and oh my gosh, i’m cracking up because this post right here you’ve basically summed up my philosophy on so many things! ummm, i will sacrifice darn near anything in order to get my full workout in! i work as a freelance writer/artist so if i have to live in my scrubby clothes for longer, so be it. i honestly would fear the day i get a job that requires me to ‘dress up’ i dunno if i could hack it! :P

    the only thing i’m a bit envious of is how in the world u made it thru the night without one pee stop…ahh, cherish those uninterrupted zzz session. :)

    1. EfoRunner says:

      Thanks for stopping by and speaking up! That’s so cool that you’re a freelance writer/artist (I snuck by your blog and wowza, girl, you got skills!).

  2. “we had to readjust our game plan” i feel like that’s the only way to do it! to be flexible, not to freak out or have a meltdown when things don’t go exactly as planned. even if it’s from over sleeping!

    i wear scrubs to work. it’s like fancy pajamas!

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