Skirt Scurry and a 145


Today’s morning run was a midweek ‘long’ish run of 1:15 mins on some peaceful, quiet trails. It even started to flurry a little bit. Had to play the game of avoid getting pelted in the eyeball with snowflakes. I always lose.

Over the weekend, my friends and I ran in a low key, local 5K called the Skirt Scurry. So, naturally, we ran in skirts :)

The course was suppose to be 5K (3.14 miles), but upon consulting my GPS watch, it was quite a bit short (2.85 miles). I ran a 19:25 and somehow managed to place third (female) overall which is fun, cause there were tons of speedsters competing for the first place $100 cash prize.

The event was just so much fun, because I love running with friends. These guys are all my labmates, too! They’re awesome coworkers. I’m so lucky to work in such a cool research lab. (I’m wearing a black tutu, it’s just hard to tell in this photo).

We got so many compliments on our skirts. Some woman even stopped us to ask for our picture. Ha!

Later on that day, Weez and I went out on a double date. We were going to go ice skating but it was pretty dang cold that night, so we opted for an insanely fun/hilarious night of bowling instead.

All four of us managed to each bowl over 100 and Weez rocked the evening’s highest score of 150 (beating my score of 145, dang you! I’m not a competitive bowler. promise.).

Fun Efo Fact: I was in a bowling league with my brother for 4 years when I was in elementary/middle school. How and why did my parents encourage a 10 year old to be in a bowling league (so glad they did though, love bowling.)?! Clearly, I was such a cool kid.

Do you like bowling? Do you remember your highest personal score? I honestly don’t remember by best score… oops.

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  1. I love the guys in skirts! So funny. I’m not much of a bowler. I get bored and just find ridiculous ways of throwing the ball down the lane. You might hate me if we ever play together!

    1. EfoRunner says:

      bahaha I used to do that too; I had a wicked granny-style shot. Just sayin.

  2. Mags says:

    Congrats on placing 3rd! You guys all look awesome in your skirts.

    Love the pic of you and Weez at the bowling alley. Bowling is so much fun, I love it! Once I got 4 strikes in a row. I forgot my score, but I was pretty impressed with myself (usually I’m lucky if I get 1 or 2 strikes).

    1. EfoRunner says:

      4 strikes in a row?! dang girl! skillz.

      1. Maggie says:

        It only happened once! It was my lucky day apparently :)

  3. Sweet! Congrats on the super speedy 5K and placing!!

  4. Congrats on the race! I’m probably the worst bowler in the world. I try not to bowl without bumpers, bc I’m that bad :)

  5. Jessica says:

    Hahaha love the skirts and I rarely bowl over a 90 so you’re my hero ;)

  6. those skirts are cute, good job on them! also, wow! that is short for a 5k course. i always get slightly disappointed when courses end up short & don’t claim my times if it would be considered a PR. aren’t married dates the best?! i like bowling, but am HORRIBLE at it.

  7. I was on a bowling league with a friend of mine in middle school. I got most improved! ahaha I wasn’t that good at all, but it’s definitely fun.

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