That one time, it was so cold my water bottle froze

I really enjoyed my lazy Saturday this weekend. I slept in LATE, lounged in my PJs until 4PM, then went over to a friends house for a Christmas party.

At the party, we had a Christmas cookie decorating contest…
We played Wii.IMG_0747
And we had a White Elephant gift exchange, where we opened a ton of hilarious gifts.

I had so much fun on Saturday, that I knew Sunday would be our long run day. I knew it was gonna be cold – bitter cold – so we just bundled up. With enough layers on, you can power through any (reasonable) temperature.

I wore 3 long sleeved shirts, my thickest running tights, a hat, and two pairs of gloves. The local NIST temperature marquee said it was 19*F out.

Within a few miles, my body warmed up and the miles felt easy and light; I stopped to eat a Gu once, at mile 7, and tried to drink some water. But when I tried sipping from my water bottle, nothing came out. My water bottle had frozen along the sides and in the nozzle!

I thought that was kind of funny. That had never happened to me before! I can’t believe the water actually froze a little! Oh, Colorado.

The rest of the run was smooth sailing and eventless. We just cruised along, finishing up 12 miles in 1:42. 8:30 pace on the dot.

Long run #2 for Boston2013 cycle… check!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve given or received at a White Elephant party?

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  1. clskopec says:

    I hear you. My coworkers think I’m nutso for running in the bitter cold. Yesterday I ran through an intense snow storm. Hooray for long run Sundays!

  2. I ran outside on Sunday at like 8am because I needed to run Tals before she was handed off to my parents for the week– it was SO COLD! I wore gloves instead of mittens like an idiot and my fingers were literally the reason I had to cut it short– I thought they might fall off :) Glad to hear one of us is a more responsible dresser than the other!

  3. Oh boy that is nippy! White elephant parties are so fun :-)

  4. kaitwatts says:

    I ran today in that temp. It’s tolerable until you round the corner and into the wind. My sister hosts a party every year and everyone has to bring one “good” $20 gift and then a “bad” gift. Bad gifts are things around your house that you need to regift or get rid of. There have been boxes of porn, bottles of everclear with wife beaters, a boob beer bong from someone’s bachelor party. Then you do a round robin of switching. It’s usually pretty hilarious and a lot of times the same bad gifts come back every year, making them funnier.

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