Pre-long run nutrition

I have a heavy heart thinking about the families and innocent lives lost on Friday’s Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. My heart hurts, my faith shaken. I wish not to turn this blog into a political platform; I only want to speak my heartfelt sorrow about the unspeakable event. 


My long run on Sunday was the “back down” weekend. Next week we hop up to 14, but yesterday we had a low key 10ish miler on our plate.

I woke up quite hungry, and even though I knew we were only going for some 90 minutes, I really wanted to eat a normal sized breakfast. So I had a full bagel with peanut butter, tied my laces, and hit the trails less than 15 minutes after eating because I was impatient. Obviously, I experienced some side stitches/cramps for quite a bit of the run. I should have waited longer to run.

It just got me thinking: what typically works best for my pre-long run nutrition?

If I’m running for anything longer than an hour, I:

  • Wake up and eat/drink water >1 hr prior
  • Eat a light meal and drink a tall glass of water. For example, 1 slice of toast with PB – or – a small serving of oatmeal
  • Sometimes, a cup of coffee
  • Note: if I’m racing, I’ll stop eating/drinking 2 hrs before go-time (to insure decent digestion, and so I don’t have to use the bathroom 10 minutes in)

The long run was peaceful, calming; they always seem to do that;  clear my mind and ease my soul. Fresh air in my lungs, running alongside my family. We brought Cabo along for the first 2 miles. She’s such a great little running partner. She loves running.
photo (4)
We dropped her off at home, then finished the rest of the 8.5 miles on our own. On these trails:
photo (5)
We cruised west, towards the Flatirons, climbing upupup until we needed to turn around.
Screen shot 2012-12-16 at 1.37.45 PM
950ft of elevation gain over 10.5 miles.

The downhill part is always refreshing for me. I like to open my stride and pick up the pace. It feels nice to run fast and hard. That’s why I love downhill running so much.

How do you fuel before a long run?

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