The best Christmastime of my life :)

From decorating the annual gingerbread house with Grandma, to decorating the giant 13′ Christmas tree; From hearing the amazing news of a second child on the way from my sister and BIL, to the birth of our godson; From witnessing my parents renew their wedding vows to doggie play dates with Weez’s cousins’ dogs; From playing trains with my nephew to tossing homemade pizza dough with my brother; From running 15 miles along Lake Erie in OH to running 15 along the Tittabawasee River in MI… every second was filled with good stuff.

This year’s 12-day holiday vacation was, undoubtably, the best Christmastime of my life :)

I love that our parents only live 4 hours drive apart. Weez and I were able to see both sets of families, and I can’t tell you how much I love that.

A Christmas Break Montage of photographs is in order.

And on the way back to Colorado, look who met up with us for lunch off the highway! Lots of you know this gorgeous gal, Nicole! After years of blogging and penpal’ing, we finally met up in real life and it was just as awesome as I knew it’d be. This girl is hilarious and down to earth, so easy to jabber away with; I can’t wait to see her again next Christmas break!

Phew, congrats if you made it through this post. There was lots to catch up on, and now, we should be pretty up to speed.

Happy 2013! I’ve missed blogging, and can’t wait to get back at it more regularly.

How was your holiday/NYE??

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  1. misszippy1 says:

    So glad you had such a great time! You really got to catch up with a ton of people. You are always so full of enthusiasm for life–love it!

    In answer to your comments today–no, not running Boston this year (probably should have instead of last year!). And my NCR was waaaaay back in 1998!

  2. Jessica says:

    You have such a beautiful family my friend :)

  3. Great pictures! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful holiday!!

  4. Heidi Nicole says:

    Great pictures, sounds like a great trip! And I absolutely love the fact a huge ladder was needed to top the tree!

  5. Nicole says:

    Next Christmas we run!!!!!! Love you girl!!!!!!

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